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This policy applies to both Boys and Girls Programs. It is NOT applicable to House Level and Fall Lacrosse where attendance is not mandatory.   We encourage House Players to attend as many practices as they can because it will help their development and enjoyment of the game, but we also recognize that kids want to play other sports and do other things at this young age.  Thus, we set up the house league to ensure that all kids get a lot of playing time during games.

TRAVEL POLICY:  Travel Players are required to attend ALL lacrosse games and practices.  Practices are as important as games.  Players should be fully dressed, on the field and ready to play -- on time. House attendance is more flexible to accomodate kids interest in other sports and activities at this young age.

CONSEQUENCES:  Players who miss travel practices or games without good reason (school, religion, family, health) will receive reduced or no game time at the discretion of the head coach.  Please call or email your manager or head coach at least 2 hours BEFORE practice or game if you are going to be absent.  Any absence without prior notice, regardless of the reason, will be deemed "unexcused." 

Can My Child Play Lacrosse AND Do Other Activities during the Spring?

Conflicts with other sports are not an excuse for missing lacrosse practices or games.  Lacrosse considers practice attendance just as important as game attendance.  It is NOT okay to miss a lacrosse practice to attend a game in another sport.  

Such absences will be treated as unexcused absences at the travel levels of Bridgeport Youth Lacrosse