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A special thank you goes out to the following companies and individuals for their donations and continued support.
Buffalo Sabres                    Jolly Boys                                 Mathews Children's Foundation
Tammy A. Werts                 Kelly For Kids                        Wegmans
Judi & Tom Basinski          Thomas E. Page                    Estate of Norman J. Schihl
Theresa Luckert                   Thomas J. Dugan                 Thomas J. Hathaway          
Brian C. Kazmierczak       Steven C. Graap                     Eric A. Sauers
Valerie Siegmann
The success of our organization has been the result of the fundraisers we have held and the generous donations that we have received. This year our operating costs are approximately $70,000, an astonishing amount considering our player registration fee is only $150. So you can see how much we rely on our fundraisers to be successful and why we continue to reach out to the public for donations for this awesome sport.
A monetary donation helps buy

  • Ice Time
  • Team Jerseys / Helmets
  • Sled Hockey Sticks
  • Sleds
  • Tournament and league fees

Checks can be made out to
         WNY Physically Challanged Youth Sports

          Mail Address: P.O. Box 113 Lockport, NY 14095

Thank you for your continued support