Tri-Valley Babe Ruth Baseball Club, Dublin California

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In 2016, Tri-Valley Babe Ruth enters its 28th year providing instruction for 13-15 year old ballplayers in the Tri-Valley area. Our focus is on skill development and instruction while preparing our players for High School baseball. We have enjoyed a great deal of success over the years and have become a premier not-for-profit baseball program in Northern California. Our year-round season includes skill development in the fall (Sep-Nov), a winter conditioning program, a spring season for both 13 and 14 year-old middle school players (Mar-May), and a 20 game regular season that commences in mid-May and continues through the end of June. We have three age-pure All-Star teams that compete in District, State, Regional, and, hopefully, World Series play, throughout July and August. Our teams are fortunate to be able to practice and play at our “field of dreams” on the Camp Parks Army base in Dublin.
1.    What is Tri-Valley Babe Ruth philosophy?
TVBR focuses on training and developing players in a competitive baseball environment in preparation for success in high school and college.  Players will learn how to practice and play the game correctly under the assumption that a future high school baseball coach, an elite travel team coach, college recruiter or professional scout may be watching at any time.  In 2016, TVBR had 46 high school players make their respective high school baseball rosters!  In 2014, in total there were 119 current or former (alumni) Tri-Valley Babe Ruth baseball players playing for their local freshman, JV or Varsity baseball teams.

2.     Are games played outside the Tri Valley area? If yes, how far?
No and Yes.  All regular season games and most fall and spring games are played at the Babe Ruth facility at Camp Parks in Dublin.  The 13 and 14YO spring teams play a few other baseball club teams at other facilities in the greater SF Bay Area during the spring session and may play in 1-2 tournaments.

3.     How many teams are in Tri-Valley Babe Ruth?
Six teams are part of Tri-Valley Babe Ruth:  Athletics, Giants, Mariners, Royals, White Sox and Red Sox.  The Red Sox were added for the 2015 calendar year.

4.     How many players on a team?
15-16 players per team.

5.     What mound and base distances do you play?
We only play 60/90.

6.     Who are the managers?
Information about the teams and current managers can be found on the “Leadership” page of our website, as well as the "Hey Coach" and individual team pages.

7.      Are managers or coaches paid?
All managers and coaches are volunteers.

8.     How can I find out about tryouts?

Check the website for the July Open Tryout and Workout dates, generally updated by early June. 

9.     How many games will be played during the Spring and Summer sessions?
Spring Season: 13-year olds and 14-year olds, that are not in high school, will play 25-30 games including 1-2 tournaments.
Regular Season: The schedule commences after the high school baseball season is completed with 20 games played within approximately 40 calendar days before July 1st.
All-Star Season:  Age-pure 13-, 14- and 15-year old all-star teams play throughout the summer starting after the completion of the regular season.  All-Star teams play for the Northern California State Championship.  If they should win, they advance to the Pacific Southwestern Regional Championship.  If they keep winning, they move on to the Babe Ruth World Series.  The Northern California Championship is typically completed around mid-July, the Regionals by early August and the World Series before late August.