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What is Sled Hockey:

Sled Hockey, also known as Sledge Hockey, is a sport that was designed to allow participants who have a physical disability to play the game of ice hockey. It is currently one of the most popular sports in the Paralympic Games. We follow all the regular ice hockey rules. The difference is in the equipment. We us a sled and 2 modified hockey sticks to move around the ice. The sticks for ice sled hockey players have a curved blade (similar to regular ice hockey) at one end, and sharp picks at the opposite end of the blade for maneuvering and propulsion. Movement is achieved by using the metal teeth as a means to grip the ice and push one forward.

Sled hockey is a sport that totally integrates players with mobility limitations, amputees and able-bodied players with knee, leg or hip injuries that limit participation in standard hockey. Teams are organized by Novice, Junior, Intermediate and Seniors.

Sled hockey participants discover that piloting a sled is fun and a great form of exercise. It increases strength and abdominal muscles. Players will find they enjoy greater physical fitness, opportunities to compete internationally, socialization, team camaraderie, new friendships and a lot of fun.