The vision of the Mavericks Lacrosse Club is to be recognized by local high school and national college lacrosse coaches as a premier program for the development of proper lacrosse skills, sportsmanship, and character in our young men.

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10 recruiting tips from Jim Berkman head coach of Salisbury University


How do I get started filming my son for a highlight video?

Start practicing his freshman year.

Go to Best Buy and get a Sony Handycam HD with Flash Memory. The Flash Memory has no moving parts so you don't have to worry about tapes, discs, or chips. Make sure it has enough memory to hold 6 hours shot in HD (64 GB). You might also need an extra battery. The camera's are not that expensive ($300). Get a stabilizing pole so your video doesn't jump up and down. Make sure you stand on your sons side of the field (Attack, Goalie, Defense) or in the middle (Midfield) and get elevated, try not to stand at field level if possible. Don't just film your son, film the play (for example: inside the box). Your coach should already be filming the entire game if you miss something. 

Click here for an example for a camera. 



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