Individual and team player development by means of continuous improvement.Promote, encourage, and demonstrate, on and off the field sportsmanship make each childs soccer experience a positive one.Spirit of Liverpool is fully committed to providing a quali

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Learn to play the "Spirit of Liverpool" way.

Spirit of Liverpool is a Premier Soccer Club.  Our Elite and Development Youth Academy is the foundation of a long term player development program, providing our young players the opportunity to maximize their potential. Our aim is to provide our children with a platform to show off their talents, learn new skills and improve their technique. Our training is done in a fun, inclusive and challenging environment, all under the guidance of our highly qualified Spirit of Liverpool coaching staff.

Individual player development is very important therefore this will be our main focus, Players will learn core moves such as toe rolls, stepovers, Fakes and feints. However Soccer being a team sport we also focus on the fundamental techniques such as passing, controlling, First touch, and dribbling as well as teaching the principles of defending, keeping possession and attacking, the ability to move off the ball and team play are a common theme. A balance between individual skills and team play are stressed, with the players encouraged to try there moves in game conditions.


Spirit of Liverpool Elite Academy Program U9

Players who display the appropriate technique, attitude and potential to adapt to a challenging curriculum and to compete at the Premier level, also have the desire to improve. Players chosen must be willing and able to commit to the program for the seasonal year 2016-2017.

Curriculum: Challenging

Commitment: Annual

Games: League Play Typical

Typical Practice Schedule:

Fall 2014 x 2 – Winter 2014 x2 – Winter 2015 x 2 – Spring 2015 x 2

Uniform: Required (PUMA) (

Advancement: Possible move to Spirit of Liverpool competitive team

Evaluation: Per Season


 Challenging Curriculum -  Paid Licensed Coach -  Premier Competition -  Individual / Team Training

 Labor Day Tournament -  Memorial Day Tournament - Value for money.


Spirit of Liverpool Development Academy Program U7 thru U9

Players we feel may not quite be ready to compete at the Premier level or have the necessary technical ability to cope with the demands of a challenging curriculum, however we feel that there is potential for the player to develop given time and the training to do so.

Curriculum: Developmental 

Commitment: Seasonal 

Games: Scrimmages

Typical Practice Schedule:

Fall 2014 x 1 – Winter 2014 x 1 – Winter 2015 x 1 – Spring 2015 x 1

Uniform: required (PUMA) (

Advancement: Possible to Elite Academy Program

Evaluation: Per Season


 Appropriate Curriculum -  Paid Licensed Coaching -  Academy style training -  Organized Scrimmages

 Seasonal Commitment -  No uniform cost - Low cost.

Academy Players

Development Academy Players


Why the name change from Liverpool FSC to Spirit of Liverpool?

Liverpool FSC began in 2004 with the blessing and encouragement from Liverpool FC. However with recent developments at Liverpool FC there has been a concern and the need to protect their "IP" Our name and logo was too close to that of Liverpool FC, therefore confusing to many people. We understand that Liverpool FC is a global brand and must protect their IP, so we have decided to make the change to "Spirit of Liverpool"

Spirit of Liverpool is taken from the name of the NEW Liverbird which can be seen outside of Central Station in Liverpool, which is the busiest underground train station outside of London. Rick Myers who is the sculptor of the bird along with fellow director of "Liverbirds inc" Arthur Johnson, have given us permission to use the name and image for our soccer club.

This change will give us a new direction, we will still continue to support Liverpool FC, that will never change, but our connection to the city of Liverpool and its culture will be stronger. We have received letters of support and encouragement from many "SCOUSE" celebrities as well as the Lord Mayor of Liverpool himself. See below for words of support from Gerry Marsden, the man who made "You'll Never Walk Alone" an Anfield anthem. Who also had hits such as "Ferry Across the Mersey" and "Don't let the sun catch you cryin"

Also check out the letter of encouragement from Mike McCartney, younger brother of Paul McCartney of Beatles fame. Mike was also part of a Liverpool band called the Scaffhold and is an accomplished musicion and photographer.

And not forgetting words of encouragement and support from Chris Caline, nephew of the late, great Bill Shankly.


Just heard from the lads that you've adopted the Spirit of Liverpool name and logo. That's great news! I know soccer's getting really big in the States but getting a Scouse stamp on it like this makes it even better.

I also hear that you hope to come over with a group to visit the old place. Please let Arthur and Rick know when you are coming and I'll try and join you for a Ferry Cross the Mersey.

Cheers and remember us Scousers Never Walk Alone!

All the best

Gerry Marsden


How about

"In true spirit of Livingpool, congrats on adopting our ace Liver Bird for your footy..oops, Soccer Academy. May all your players fly down the field with the same speed and accuracy as our unleashed Liver Birdies! Next time you come over to de Pool, why not climb on the back of a Liver Bird?..its cheaper!


Mike McGear McCartney

(Spirit of Liverpool fan!) "


Hi Bernie

"I have just heard that you've adopted the name Spirit of Liverpool and using the Liver Bird as your logo - that's great news. I also believe you're planning a visit over to Liverpool. If so be sure to call in at the new Shankly Hotel on Victoria Street which has been named after my late grandfather, Bill Shankly.


Chris Caline.

For further details of the hotel go to Cheers