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Player Responsibilities


1. You must be registered to participate in regular practices.
2. You must be paid in full to play in league games.
Practice Dress Code 
  1. Rugby Boots - Football, soccer, or rugby cleats are OK.
  2. Rugby Socks - Soccer or rugby knee high socks any color OK.
  3. Rugby Shorts - Rugby shorts only any color or design OK.
  4. Practice Jersey - Rugby jersey or any training top any color OK. 
  5. Mouth Guard - Any mouth guard OK.
  6. Water Bottle - Any water bottle to use at practice OK.
  7. Kit Bag - Any backpack or duffel bag to keep your kit together OK.​ 

Optional Equipment: 

Shoulder Pads - Lightweight shoulder pads can be very helpful. 

Scrum Cap - Soft helmets are an option for all players at all levels.


Game Day Dress Code 
  1. Black rugby shorts
  2. Black rugby socks 
  3. Mouth Guard 

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