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Code Of Conduct

Granite Bay Rugby expects high standards of conduct from our players on and off the field. Our players are required to adhere to the criteria mentioned below or be subject to disciplinary action and or removal from the club. 
Off the Field
  1. Do not taunt, threaten, or disrespect opponents. 
  2. Do not behave inappropriately when representing the club.
  3. Do not participate in activities that are detrimental to the club.

On the Field
  1. Be in dress code.
  2. Play with sportsmanship.
  3. Show respect for the referee and opposition players, coaches, and supporters.  
  4. Do not complain about referee calls, mistakes by others, or coaching decisions.
  5. Maintain discipline at all times.
  6. Accept victory and defeat with humility.
  7. Shake hands with opposing team after the game.