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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Are Soccer cleats ok?
A- Yes, absolutely.  As long as they are rubber molded soles you will be eligible to play on all fields.  Artificial turf fields do not allow metal cleats.  Metal cleats are legal on grass fields.

Q- Are football cleats ok?
A- Yes and no, toe cleats are ok on rubber molded cleats but replaceable toe cleats must be removed. 

Q- Which Rugby Cleats should I buy?
A- Check out World Rugby Shop online. Replaceable studs are recommended but molded cleats will work. Replaceable studs work better on grass fields and molded cleats work better on turf fields. Remember long metal studs are allowed on grass only and not allowed on turf fields.

Q- What other equipment is needed?
A- The Following:

Practice Jerseys, shorts and socks - You want to get black rugby shorts and black rugby or soccer socks that go up to or above the knee. A practice jersey is also recommended. Ask your coach where to get practice jerseys. 

Mouth pieces are mandatory and available in any sports store.  Custom pieces are available from Dentists.  Remember mouth pieces are to reduce possibility of concussion not necessarily to protect teeth!

Water bottles - Always bring a water bottle.  Most fields that we play on have a drinking fountain but it cannot be guaranteed.  It is unhealthy to be sharing another player's bottle so please send a bottle to practice with each player.

Scrum Caps and Shoulder Pads - If you watch games on TV, lots of Pros are wearing them. Scrum caps and shoulder pads help protect players from unnecessary minor injuries. They are recommended but not required and many players go without them. 

Q- What else can I do to help my player prepare and learn the game?
A- Work on the following:

Fitness - At high school the games last 30 minutes each half, sometimes 35.  Unlike football you will be running for the entire time. Rugby games do not stop and fitness wins games.

Strength & flexibility - Rugby is a game that is a full body workout!  If you belong to a gym, you need to be lifting.  If you don’t you can do your own workout at home – lots of push-ups, sit-ups, etc.  Many rugby players work out in the morning before school, then practice and then hit the gym after homework.

Rugby Ball - The perfect stocking stuffer!  Only $15.  Check out the many available web sites online and buy a ball.

Watch Rugby On TV or the Internet - Youtube and ESPN3 are great places to see rugby games online.