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Practices are typically held twice a week prior to the start of the season in a Golden area facility and then may be once or twice a week during the season at the discretion of parents and coaches. During the month of November, teams will practice at area schools/community facilities in preparation for the regular season. Practices will typically occur on weekday evenings.


JeffCo League games will begin in late November/early December. The total games and practices will not exceed three nights in any one week. Teams will play a 10 to 12 game schedule. The majority of games are scheduled on week nights, although there are some Saturdays. Games begin at 5 PM for the younger participants and can be scheduled as late as 9:00 PM for the older boys and girls. Please do not arrive at the gym until your scheduled game time. The top teams in each division and age group will participate in the year end tournament.

Gold Crown games are typically scheduled on Sunday, although Saturday games are scheduled as well. Two games are typically played each weekend (scheduled on the same day).

Canceling Games

The home association is responsible for canceling games and notifying the visiting coach. In case of bad weather conditions, if you don’t hear from your coach regarding cancelations, use common sense to determine the safety of road conditions. As many of you have experienced, the scheduling software is not perfect and there can be last minute changes. Please be flexible and patient, the league does quite well considering all of the outside variables – school cancelations, weather, multi-association demands, etc.