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Tips for Being a Great T-Ball Parent:

Please be a considerate spectator and supportive T-ball parent!  Please read these rules and take them to heart: your cooperation will help your child and your child’s teammates have a great season.  Cheverly T-Ball requires that parents follow these rules.  Remember that this is a game and the number one rule is that it be fun!

(Excerpted from comments by Jack Hutslar, Ph.D., CEO, North American Youth Sports Institute)

  • Exhibit exceptionally good behavior at practice sessions and games.   
  • See that your children have the proper equipment.   
  • See that your children arrive and are picked up at the stated times.   
  • Applaud all good efforts and good plays or remain silent.   
  • Allow the coaches to coach without outside interference or influence.   
  • See that your children receive ample positive encouragement and hugs regardless of the outcome of their games.   
  • Allow your children to play without negative pressure, verbal or physical.   
  • Support the coaches in what they want the players to learn.   
  • Treat the coaches, league leaders and game umpires with dignity and respect.   
  • See that your children do not intentionally injure other players.