West Cobb Girls Softball offers both Spring and Fall recreational softball programs for youth girls in the northwest Atlanta Georgia metro counties of Cobb, Paulding and Cherokee.

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West Cobb Girls Softball

Draft Procedure and Rules (2/2/2015)


The Draft will be conducted as follows:

A. The draft order will be determined by a lottery prior to the draft and recorded by the LD or

Draft Coordinator. We will use the up/down the river method. For example, if there are five

teams in that age group, the pick order is 1 to 5 then 5 to 1. For Jersey color selection, the

reverse order (5 to 1) will be followed. If a team does not have a coach, the LD or Draft

Coordinator will choose for that team selecting the highest ranked player on the board for

each round when that teams turn comes.


B. After the draft order is recorded, the league coordinator will identify any special cases such as

siblings that are to be drafted together. The higher ranked sibling will be the team’s choice in

the round they are picked and the lower ranked person will be drafted in the round they

appear or the next draft round if such round has passed.


C. A Master Player Ranking (MPR) will be generated for each age group. The MPRL is divided into

rounds based on the number of teams established by that group’s LD. For example, a league

with 100 players will probably be 10 rounds with 10 players in each round. The first round will

be the top 10 players in order of their skills test scores, second round the next 10 and so on.

The MPR List should provide each player’s established skill number. We will try to distribute

the MPRL to coaches via email the night before thier scheduled draft.


D. Coaches and Assistants must complete a coach’s application on-line and must be approved by

the Board of Directors. Coaches and Assistant Coaches involvement is contingent upon a clean

background check. Coaches may declare one Assistant Coach per team. Assistant Coaches

must be declared to the LD no later than one day before the Draft. Assistant Coaches must

participate in on-field instruction at practices and participate on the field with the team during

games. “Team Mom’s”, “Dugout Managers” and other non-coach support adults are not

considered Assistant Coaches and their daughters cannot be protected at the draft. The board

may not extend subsequent coaching opportunities to Coaches and/or their Assistants who

abuse the player protection rule for the draft. Each Coach and Assistant Coach may protect

their daughter(s) during the draft. Before the draft begins protected players are indicated on

the MPR list and noted on each coach’s copy.


E. In 10U and older age groups, there will be a round to select players designated as pitcher’s

before the general draft. Coach’s daughters who are designated pitchers will count as their

team’s pitcher. They are excluded from picking in this round. Players moving up from 8U who

have been marked as pitcher’s do not qualify unless they have have been identified as taking

lessons to pitch. This round will be based on a hat draw for order of pick. Identifying pitchers

should be done in the spirit of sportsmanship to ensure each team has an opportunity to

compete with an experience pitcher. Skill level of these designated pitchers & catchers should

be discussed prior to the start of the draft. If the player has received pitching lessons or has

pitched a full season, then they should be considered designated pitchers.

F. Each coach will pick one player in each round. Coaches have 30 seconds to choose a player

once it is their turn. If they do not choose a player in the given time then the LD assigns them

the highest scored unprotected.


G. Coaches will pick their protected players during the round in which their players are ranked. If

a Coach has multiple players protected in the same round they choose both girls and they

miss their turn in the next round. For example if Coach John has his daughter Anne protected

and she is in round three based on her skills score, then during round three Coach John takes

his daughter. If Coach John’s assistant Coach Lisa has a daughter Laura also in round three

then John will take his daughter Anne and Lisa’s daughter Laura in round three. They will not

get a pick in round four since they took two girls in round three. In the fall season, LD should

move coaches’ daughters down a round if their daughter played in a lower age group last year

(scores have not been adjusted).


H. Each player must accept the draw of the draft as the determination of the team on which they

will play provided that their parents did not turn in a “Confidential Form” requesting not to

play for the coach who selected them. Players may complete one “Confidential Form”

requesting not to play for one coach upon registration. This form must be completed and given

to the League Director by the skills test or their request will not be considered at the draft.

I. During the draft if a coach chooses a player that has submitted a Confidential Form requesting

not to be chosen by that coach, then the League Director must inform the coach to “pick



J. Registration for draft eligible players will be cut off after the last skills test date (spring). All

players who do not register before the last skills test date (spring) or the on-line registration

cut off (fall) will not be eligible for the draft. They will be assigned to a team.


K. After all ranked players are selected, the remaining players (no available skills test score) will

be placed in a hat and chosen at random in the order established by the draft order lottery. If

all teams do not hae the same number of players, players will be assigned to those teams with

less players until all teams are equal. The recmaining unranked players will then be assigned

starting with the #1 team in the draft order.


L. Jersey color selection, the reverse order (5 to 1) will be followed.


M. After the draft has concluded, the following is in effect:

1. The League Director and Coaches will together agree on total players per team

to close registration.


2. The LD will privately pull all the teams from a hat (or similar random function)

in order to achieve the Team order that late registered players will be added.

They will then turn that list in to the Players Agent and the Fast/Slow Pitch

Director at the completion of the draft. Players who registered before the

draft but were ineligible to be drafted will be assigned to teams in the order

they registered. As this sequence of assignment is an integral part of team

integrity, this will be kept confidential by the LD and Player Agent.


3. After the first game of the season, no girl can be added to a roster unless the

team drops to 9 players in fast-pitch or 10 players in slow-pitch. These

additional players will come from a wait list and be added in the order that

they registered. No player can be added to a team unless confirmed by the

Player Agent and League director.