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Youth Lacrosse Rules

All players, families, coaches,

You can't play any sport without knowing the rules. Players may pick up enough of the rules at practices and games to get by, but it is recommended they actually read the rules as well.

New players and families.

If you are not familiar with the sport, consider watching a college game. This is probably the best way to start to develop an understanding of the game, and to see the game the way it is meant to be played (and reffed).

Live and pre-recorded college lacrosse games are available online on ESPN3.

Once you have seen some lacrosse play, go through the rules. If the official rules are a bit too wordy, try googling around the web looking for summaries.

Girls Rules

Girls youth lacrosse play is according to the USLacrosse Girls rules, ammended by Oregon Girls Youth Lacrosse Association (OGYLA) rules.


OGYLA put together a great presentation going over much of the rules and play for 3-4 girls.

Boys Rules

Boys youth lacrosse play is according is according to NFHS Boys Lacrosse rules, ammended by USLacrosse boys rules, ammended by Oregon Youth Lacrosse Association (OYLA) boys rules.

NFHS Boys Lacrosse rules ara available in print form only (see note below about
using NCAA rules).

US Lacrosse youth rule ammendements are available online here:

OYLA youth rule ammendments are available here:

The NCAA Mens Lacrosse rules are similar to NFHS Boys Rules and are available online. Players and parents can use these rules as a guideline if they want to save paying for the NFHS rulebook.