Spirit United strives to develop soccer players capable of competing at the highest levels of competitive youth soccer in Central Florida. This past year has been one of tremendous growth for the ACYS Spirit United Competitive Soccer.

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TOURNAMENT HEADQUARTERS: Trotters Park, 2701 Lee Road, Orlando Fl 32810.

CONTACT PERSON: Ken Caeners 407-521-2243

Except as otherwise provided herein, the rules of US Youth Soccer and FIFA “Laws of the game” shall govern this tournament
ELIGIBILITY: Age, the age groups for this tournament shall be in accordance with the US Youth Soccer age groups for the current year. Divisions for single age years will be implemented if there are enough entries as determined by the tournament directors.
REGISTRATION: All players must be recreational level players registered as GCF division 3 or 4 level or as in-house recreational club programs. 
Team Registration
  •  This tournament is open to all USSF affiliates; US Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer, AYSO etc, and all FIFA members as well as any unaffiliated recreational programs.
  • All teams must submit a roster with player name, birth date, phone, email and FYSA ID # (if applicable) and coach information.
  • Notarized medical release forms for each player. Medical release forms available on the ACYS website.
  • Five (5) copies of your team roster.
  • Copies of each player’s birth certificate or FYSA verified roster and/or player pass.
Game Information
Any team that is not accepted in the tournament will receive 100% of their registration fee within 5 days and any team that withdraws prior to acceptance to the tournament will receive 100% of their registration fee within 10 days. Once a team is accepted and withdraws from the tournament, there will be no refund.
All teams are scheduled to have 3 preliminary games and one consolation game if needed.  An approved typed team roster will be presented to the referees prior to each game. ACYS will provide FIFA Approved game Balls. Finals will be played on Monday.  Game score cards will be filled out by the match referee with each team Coach signing that the score is accurate.  The referee will submit the score sheet to the field marshal or to the referee game assignor (if there is no field marshal) at the conclusion of the match.  The Coach must verify the posted score prior to the team’s next game.  If any discrepancy occurs between the two reported scores, then the referee’s score will be final. In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Director has the authority to reschedule or cancel the Tournament. If the tournament is cancelled refunds will be issued.
Team Standings & Tiebreakers
Team standings will be based on the following scoring system:
              Win                      3 points
              Tie                        1 point
              Loss                      0 points
              Forfeit                   3 points – will be scored as a 3-0 win.
Tiebreaker will be decided using the following format:
  • Total points.
  • Head to head
  • Least goals allowed.
  • Most goals scored.
  • Tie breakers for Semi-Finals: Straight to Penalty Kicks
  • Tie breakers for Finals: U9-U10 and younger = 2 @ 5 Minutes and U11-U14= 2 @ 10 Minutes.
  • If teams are still tied after following the above options, FIFA penalty kicks will determine the winner.  Penalty kicks will only be used if both teams are at the tournament venue; otherwise, a coin toss will decide each team’s position after preliminary matches.
Game Length and Ball Size (The U11 & U12 has been adjusted to properly serve the age group)
Boys & Girls Min # Roster Max # Roster Format Game Duration /half Water-Breaks Half-time Game Length Ball Size Goal Size Minimum     Field Size
U5 coed 5 8 4 v 4 2 @ 15 minutes 5 Minutes 40 minutes Size 3 4ft x 6ft 20yd x 25yd
U6 coed 5 8 4 v 4 2 @ 15 minutes 5 Minutes 40 minutes Size 3 4ft x 6ft 20yd x 25yd
U7 boys 6 10 5 v 5 2 @ 20 minutes 5 Minutes 50 minutes Size 3 6ft x 12ft 25yd x 50yd
U8 boys 6 10 5 v 5 2 @ 20 minutes 5 Minutes 50 minutes Size 3 6ft x 12ft 25yd x 50yd
U9 boys 7 12 6 v 6 2 @ 20 minutes 5 Minutes 50 minutes Size 4 6ft x 18ft 38yd x 65yd
U10 boys 7 12 6 v 6 2 @ 20 minutes 5 Minutes 50 minutes Size 4 6ft x 18ft 38yd x 65yd
U11 boys 9 16 8 v 8 2 @ 25 minutes 5 Minutes 60 minutes Size 4 7ft x 21ft 50yd x 80yd
U12 boys 9 16 8 v 8 2 @ 25 minutes 5 Minutes 60 minutes Size 4 7ft x 21ft 50yd x 80yd
U13 boys 9 16 8 v 8 2 @ 25 minutes 5 Minutes 60 minutes Size 5 7ft x 21ft 50yd x 80yd
U14 boys 9 16 8 v 8 2 @ 25 minutes 5 Minutes 60 minutes Size 5 7ft x 21ft 50yd x 80yd
Rule Exceptions
  • Offsides only for age groups U11 - U14
  • Goalkeepers for age groups U7 and older
Player Substitutions
Players may be substituted with the consent of the field referee at the following times:
  • Prior to a throw-in in your favor.
  • Prior to a goal kick by either team.
  • After a goal by either team.
  • When the referee approves an injury substitution by one team, the other team may substitute an equal number of players.
  • At half time.
  • When the referee stops to caution a player, only that player may be substituted prior to restart of the game.
  • No player shall leave the field of play without the consent of the referee.
  • Players shall enter and leave the field at mid-field.
Credentials Check
At game time, the teams will present a stamped, approved TOURNAMENT ROSTER form to the referees prior to each game.  This roster sheet contains all the Misconduct Codes USSF.  The teams will not present player passes to the officials; however, should a player be ejected, the field marshal will make a note on the official roster and the player suspended from play. 
Game Time
Kickoff will be at the scheduled time unless games are delayed.  Each team must be ready to play at the scheduled time or immediately after the conclusion of the previous game as determined by the referee, or the team is subject to forfeiting the match.  Running clock for all games will apply and no stoppage time will be added for injuries.
Playing Conditions
The home team is listed first or on top in the schedule.  Both teams will occupy the same side of the field.  Parents and un-rostered visitors will occupy the opposite side of the field.  The home team shall wear whites or lighter colors (if applicable), and will be responsible for providing the game ball.  In case of inclement weather, the Tournament Director will determine if a game is to be played.  Once the game has started, the decision rests with the referee.  If any games are canceled, it is the team’s responsibility to check with the Tournament Director for rescheduling information.  Games shall be considered complete if one-half of the game has elapsed.  The score at the stoppage of play will be the final score.  If one-half has not elapsed, and the game is stopped, the game must be rescheduled if the game affects the outcome of the tournament and if weather permits.
A forfeit will be declared if a team fails to report to a scheduled game with at least 2 less the minimum roster.  Tournament Committee will decide if the team will advance to the next game and will decide upon all other forfeit issues.
Team Discipline
An ejected player or coach must be escorted by team officials and the player or coach is ineligible for at least the next scheduled game with that team.  The player/coach will have no further contact during that game and the next game.  Coaches with multiple teams will miss the next game of the team they were coaching.  Final disciplinary action will be determined by the Tournament Director and all red cards will be reported to the tournament assignor. The coach will be held responsible for the actions of verbal and physical abuse of referees by his/her spectators.  Such abuse will not be tolerated.  Violations may result in forfeiture of the game and/or expulsion from the tournament.  Any individual that has been ejected must leave the fenced field area within two minutes of the ejection or the game will be forfeited.  Any coach who removes his/her team from the field during the game will receive a red card, and the team will forfeit the game and all other subsequent games.  If a player refuses to give his/her correct name when requested by a Referee or Tournament Official, his/her team will forfeit the game and will be removed from the tournament. Smoking, Alcohol and Pets are not allowed in the Trotters Soccer Complex.
Team Protests and Appeals
None: Referee decisions are final and Tournament Director decisions on non-referee decision disputes are final.
Player Equipment
a.) Screw in cleats is permitted; however, judgment as to their safety is at the discretion of the referee.
b.) Orthopedic casts are not permitted; however, soft braces can be worn with written approval from a doctor, and judgment as to safety is at the discretion of the referee.
c.) Shin guards must comply with FIFA Law 4:
1) Shin guards are covered entirely by the stockings.
2) Shin guards are made of a suitable material (rubber, plastic, or similar substances).
4) Shin guards are required for any FYSA event for the Safety of the players.

Hard casts are not allowed in the State of Florida.  Any player wearing a hard cast will not be allowed to play!  Wrapping a hard cast is not permitted in the State of Florida.  No jewelry may be worn by players. Tobacco products of any type, Alcoholic Beverages and Pets are prohibited at this tournament.