Bristol Girls Little League Softball Incorporated (BGLLS) is formed to provide an organized and structured program of softball for the girls (ages 5-16) of Bristol, Connecticut and the surrounding communities, in a fun and positive atmosphere.

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GOAL- The Tee-Ball Division introduces our youngest players, girls league age 5 - 6 years who want to learn the fundamentals of softball and allow them to experience the value of teamwork. Only the most basic rules of the game will be used in this non-competitive atmosphere.  Players will see team play as they learn to hit a ball off a batting tee, throw, catch, fielding, and run bases. Rules of the game may be varied to accommodate the need for teaching.  Teams are limited to seven to nine team members for instructional purposes.

Rosters may be composed of between 10 and 13 players.

AGE GROUP– League Age 5 to 6 years old, players that have participated for one regular season in the TeeBall Division are eligible to be selected to a Minor League Division (coach pitch -AA) team.

SCHEDULE–         Spring Training – April, once per week.
Games – April through June - 6:00pm - 7:30pm
                            Clinics – To be announced  
LOCATIONS -  Tee-Ball Division games are played primarily at various Bristol town fields.
                      Practices may be conducted at various Bristol town fields.  
- The official game ball is the 10” rif softball for the safety of the players.
Generally, the diamond used is a 60-foot diamond, but the league has the option to use a 50-foot diamond.  
- The batting order includes all players present and ready to play.   
- All players throughout the season will use a batting tee when needed.  Players will quickly be introduced to coach-pitch batting.  
- A team will remain at bat until each player has had her turn at bat and all play has stopped.
- Teams will use all available players on defense.  
- Instruction being the primary objective, we encourage all defensive players to make an attempt to finish the play.  Infielders are directed to throw caught balls to the proper base, outfielders are directed to throw caught balls to the proper cut-off infielder. 
- Skill and fun type clinics are offered throughout the season by veteran coaches/board members to further improve the player’s skills and enjoyment of the game.