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Summit Junior Baseball 
Mandatory Spring Evaluations

(Held in late January / early February)
In an effort to establish teams in each age group that are comparable in skill level, evaluations are conducted. The evaluation process is one that the Board of Directors and Coaches feel is vital. Therefore, several volunteers spend many hours in preparation, evaluation and development of the many teams in the program each Spring. Evaluations are conducted for players registered in 3rd through 6th grade. Skill levels in throwing, fielding, pitching and batting are measured on a score of 1-10. 
The process, after the players have completed the evaluation is as follows:
  • Scores for each of the players are averaged (a player will be measured by at least three evaluators at every skill station). 
  • Skill levels for each area (throwing, fielding, pitching, batting and catching if applicable) will be included for each player.
  • Coaches evaluations from the prior season will be included for each player. 
  • Coaches choose one player by number per round the scores from the draft are tallied into a team score.
  • The objective is to keep the overall team score equal for all teams in a division. 
  • Each team will have a minimum of 3 pitchers which are chosen at the beginning of the draft process.
Player evaluations are MANDATORY for registered players in 3rd through 6th grade.