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Each Spring season, our Organization establishes a registration deadline (usually late January).  ALL registrations received after this deadline will incur a $50.00 late fee.  

The registration deadline and late fees were established by the Board of Directors in 2001. The reason is to provide the necessary time to order uniforms and equipment (late ordering means the League incurs significant additional costs), organize the leagues, assign coaches, develop rosters, schedule the necessary coach training and to prepare for the skill evaluation sessions.  All this takes time and immense dedication by a large number of individuals.  Adding players after the registration deadline requires additional work and revisions, including late ordering of uniforms on a “rush basis” at an additional cost.   

The Spring registration process begins in early December and the registration deadline is usually in late January.  We advertise the registration process by sending out backpack flyers to all school age participants, blasting emails to parents, and posting the information on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. 

In the announcements, the registration deadline is clearly noted and the resulting late fee is identified for registrations received after the deadline.   

Should a parent desire to withdraw their child from the Spring season program for any reason prior to February 1st, our Organization will refund the registration fee.   Please note that late fee's are non-refundable and that refunds will NOT be considered after February 28th.