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Canyon Creek Little League
Board Meeting Minutes                                                     May 14, 2012
Toltec Cabana
Present:  Michael Marver, John Morris, Scott Love, Jeni Bernard, Diana Waterson, Michelle Stanchina, Dave Verespey, Tom Piggott, John Struempf, Robyn Chimenti, John Giffins, Kelvin Friedel, David Lawrence, Tessie Gonsalves, Juan Jones, Gary Wallace
                  The meeting was called to order by John Morris at 7:20 p.m.

1.     Presidents Report – John Morris reported updates on the following:
·       Announced Tom Piggot as the new director of Supply Management.
·       Need a division director for 50/70 program for next season.
·       190 lbs. of food was collected at the Opening Day Ceremony.
·       Batting cage has been denied by City Park Division.  Will revisit plan with the School District.
·       Background checks are all wrapped up.
·       Australian tournament to be held July 29 to be followed by a BBQ.
·       Need to recruit more board members that are not managers or coaches.
2.     Treasurer Report
·       Volunteer checks are going out.
3.     Safety Review – There are no safety items at this time. Injuries are to be reported to both Diana Waterson and Michael Kanceljak.
4.     General Discussion
A.Directors -
·       Lower division trophies on their way. 
·       “A” division to hold a Jamboree day, date to be announced.
·       “AAA” sportsmanship issue to be discussed by Executive Board.
·       “AAA” homerun fence a huge success.
·       Directors to remind managers to report injuries to both Player Agent and Safety Director.
·       Board to check with Challengers Division to see if they have enough volunteers for Jamboree.
·       Inform managers that high seed will be home team for playoffs.
B.     All Stars – May 24th fees dues.  Volunteers needed from each league for field prep and scorekeeping. 
C.     Field Report –  Both Twin Creeks and Coyote Creek’s  mounds need repairing.  CCLL requested fields for summer use.
D.    Team Parent – A’s little league day was a success.  Picture day went well.
E.     Sponsorship -  Sponsorship plaques are being delivered to CCLL sponsors.
F.     Administration - Release letters need to be sent out to individuals no longer playing with CCLL.
Next Board Meeting –  June 11, 2012.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:42 p.m.
Respectfully submitted:
Jeni Bernard – CCLL Secretary 2011/2012