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Lyme-Old Lyme, CT
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Volunteers Needed
Parent volunteers needed to help coach, assist coach and manage teams. In addition, we would love any volunteers to help get local business sponsors. This will reduce the cost of player participation and provide a benefit to local businesses by advertising on our website. Contact a member of the Board of Directors for more information.

Policy for Posting Photos of LOLSC Players on Our Website
Players photos (without names) can only be posted with verbal approval of player's parents. Posting of player's names with photos requires written approval of player's parents. This is consistent with the SECJSA policy.

Club Communications
This website is our primary communication tool for club events and should be referred to for information. We will send out e-mails to the entire club so if your e-mail has changed since your child's most recent registration, please use the "Feedback" tab to let us know your new e-mail address. We'll add that address to our master list.

Parent Expectations
Enjoy the games and please refrain from yelling out to the players. They've been instructed in proper soccer skills during training sessions and do their best with occassional encouragement and instruction from their teammates and their coach. Yelling at referees will not be tolerated. Set a good example for the players and enjoy the game.

Parents are encouraged to explain our expectations for their children when they are not playing in the game. Specifically, players waiting to enter the game will remain on the team bench watching the game not fooling around and distracting others. When their coach informs them that they will be entering the game, they can stretch and wait at the center line to be summoned on by the center referee. Coaches can direct players who cannot comply with these expectations to leave the area and sit with their parents. 

We recommend that you read 
The Parent Information Guide and Player/Parent Expectations.


LOLSC Policy for Players Playing on Premier and Developmental Teams
LOLSC supports and encourages players who want to challenge themselves to play on one of the Developmental or Premier teams. There are many strong programs throughout the state to consider. We typically have LOLSC players involved in 3 or 4 different programs with the Southeast Premier program being the closest to Lyme-Old Lyme. LOLSC players who also play on Developmental or Premier teams should inform their LOLSC coach and let the coach know about any LOLSC games or practices that will be missed due to schedule conflicts. Developmental and Premier training and games take priority over LOLSC activities during the Fall Soccer Season.

Field Locations

Please see the SECJSA.org site


LOLSC makes every effort to help kids play on a team. Our early deadlines are due to the complications of getting birth certificates from parents to age verify players, getting photos from parents for player cards, background checks on volunteers, creating competitive teams, rostering the teams with the CT Junior Soccer Association, creating practice and team schedules all so the kids can play. Please note, while we make efforts to help kids play, it is the PARENTS' responsibility to keep our deadlines. We do cut off registrations when our teams are rostered. Please respect that it is not possible to make additions to teams at that time, thank you!


100% of registration fees refundable prior to close of registration, 50% of fees refunded between close of registration and first practice. No refund after first practice. Late fees including $50 late fee for fall outdoor season not refundable.