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This year Bridgewater Baseball is partnering with Coach Brian Schnepf’s Baseball Academy to form three (3) Tournament Baseball teams, one each for age groups 10U, 11U and 12U. Each team will participate in the Bridgewater Fall league, which is a competitive league for Tournament level players from Bridgewater and neighboring towns.

Participation in the Fall League is completely OPTIONAL and has ZERO impact on a player’s eligibility, candidacy and standings for future Summer Tournament tryouts and teams.

Bridgewater Fall Tournament Team(s) Overview:


  • One Tournament team per age group (10U, 11U, 12U) will be formed and entered into the Bridgewater Fall League.
  • Each team will have 10 players on the game roster, allowing for maximum playing time.
  • Each team will play 10-12 games in the Bridgewater Fall League – game costs are included in the cost of registration.
  • Each team will be managed by Coach Brian Schnepf. His coaching staff will consist of players from his Academy, in addition to one (1) Tournament Manager/Coach from each respective age group.
  • Brian and his coaches will conduct 10-12 “Academy” type practices per team, included in the registration fees. Additional practices may take place, weather permitting.
  • Registration fees will be payable directly to Brian’s Academy.
  • Players will be provided with a shirt and hat.

Bridgewater 10U-12U Player Eligibility and Tryouts:



  • All players of all skill levels, with and without tournament experience, are eligible to tryout for Coach Schnepf’s Tournament teams, that meet age eligibility rules.
  • Players must be residents of Bridgewater or Raritan.
  • Tryouts will be in late July and will be coordinated around travel team schedules.
  • The 10U team will consist of players who played or were eligible for 9U during the Summer of 2012.
  • The 11U team will consist of players who played or were eligible for 10U during the Summer of 2012.
  • The 12U team will consist of players who played or were eligible for 11U during the Summer of 2012.
  • All players will need to participate in a tryout process. Tryouts will be conducted by Brian Schnepf and his Academy, using his selection process and criteria.
  • The top 10 players, as defined by the selection process, in each age group will be offered a spot on a team.
  • If there are more players interested than the ten (10) spots available on a team, a maximum of three (3) players, in addition to the ten (10) on the roster, will be offered a position on the “Practice Squad”. The practice squad will participate in all practices and be eligible to play in games if a call up player is needed. The cost of the practice squad will be less than half of the full registration fee.
  • Players who are not offered a spot on a team are encouraged to register and participate in the Bridgewater Fall 2012 Recreation program for their respective age group, or register as an individual for all tournament players who are part of the 2012 Bridgewater Tournament program.

10U-12U Bridgewater Tournament Team Fees, Registration, Tryouts, Questions:



  • There is $480 per player registration fee. $100 is due , payable by check on the day of tryouts. Payment should be made directly to Brian Schnepf at tryouts. Brian Schnepf will then enter the team into the league as one group, based upon his tryout process. Once a player is offered a spot on the team their $100 tryout check will be deposited. If players are not offered a spot on the team or decline, their check will be returned to them.
  • For players that are not offered a spot on a team, the cost of the practice squad will be $185 (a maximum of three players).
  • There will be an informational meeting scheduled this Sunday July 22, 2012, 8pm at Prince Rodgers for anyone interested.
  • Tryouts will be scheduled first few days in August.
  • Register in advance by sending an email or send any questions to Brian Schnepf at Wallypipp@verizon.net