Upper Valley Rowing Foundation Hanover Connecticut River
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Sculling Policies
Policy for Unmonitored Sculling
All scullers using UVRF equipment and facilities MUST complete an annual waiver online before rowing.

Any sculler wishing to take a club boat out during hours when no dock monitor is present must pass the UVRF Captain’s test, which involves demonstrating sculling proficiency (the ability to carry the boat, launch, row, and land without assistance). Moving to a higher-level boat (e.g., from a recreational single to a racing single) will require re-certification.

Review and understand the UVRF Sculling Safety Guidelines.

Club boats may only be rowed during daylight hours. This means club boats may not launch before sunrise, and must return to the dock by sunset. Sunrise and sunset are defined by the sunrise and sunset times for Hanover, NH as posted at the "Sunrise / Sunset Times" link on the UVRF website. A hard copy will also be posted in the logbook. Visibility can be limited immediately after sunrise and immediately before sunset. If you row during these times you are strongly encouraged for your own safety and that of others on the water to wear bright colored or reflective clothing, and/or use clip on lights to make yourself visible to other boats on the water.

Club boats may NOT be rowed in the fog.

The flow rate on our section of the Connecticut River is controlled at the Wilder Dam. It can be highly variable and may change quickly depending on such variables as weather, equipment, and energy demand in the region. Club boats may NOT be rowed when the flow exceeds 15,000 cubic feet per second. The “Flowcast at Wilder Dam” link on the UVRF website provides both real-time and short-term forecasted flows.

Flipping into water colder than 60F can be very dangerous and potentially deadly. "Cold shock" is more of a risk than hypothermia, can incapacitate even good swimmers, and can lead to drowning within 3 to 5 minutes. Wearing a PFD and rowing with a buddy are strongly recommended when water temps are cold. A water thermometer is located on the inside edge of the sculling dock alongside the safety launch. EVERY SCULLER must sign in and out of the logbook.

Bringing problems to our attention helps keep our sculling fleet in good order. Check the boat carefully before launching and after you return. If you find that something is missing, or malfunctioning, please note it in the repair log in the Club Scullingbinder. If you drop a boat, have an unexpected encounter with a tree, another boat, the sculling dock or other miscellaneous floating water hazard; notify the club as soon as possible. If a dock monitor is not present, leave a note on the club bulletin board and email 

We greatly appreciate your adherence to Club Rules and use of your best judgment in other circumstances in which your safety, the boat's, or that of others would be at risk.

UVRF Guest Policy

All scullers using UVRF equipment and facilities MUST complete an annual waiver online before rowing.

All guests require approval of the Fuller Boathouse Steward. The host member or guest sculler should notify the Fuller Steward at   at least three days in advance and provide the name, address, phone number and e-mail address of the guest.

There is no charge, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Guest rowers will not be allowed to store their equipment at Fuller or in the surrounding area without the permission of the Fuller Steward or designee.

Guest of a member

Adult members who have passed the Captain's Test may bring a guest up to 7 times per season.

The hosting member is responsible for ensuring that the guest completes a waiver and reserves equipment. Guests must be supervised during each row, either by their host, or by a sculling coach. Members are expected to use discretion in choosing appropriate-level equipment for their guests, realizing that UVRF members have priority in equipment sign-up.

Members are liable for any damages caused by their guests. No guest rower shall be permitted to row more than seven times per calendar year without becoming a member of the club.

Contact the Fuller Steward at  

uest of UVRF

Experienced scullers who want short term (up to 7 times) access to club equipment and facilities may be guests of the club if they are current members of another rowing club, and are not residents of the Upper Valley.

The guest sculler must notify the club by emailing uppervalleyrc@gmail.com. The sculler will be assigned a sponsor who will welcome the guest and teach the UVRF rules and procedures including: logbook, traffic pattern, parking, reserving boats, dock procedure, slings, Fuller door, and combination to club oars. (Rules are on the website and in the boathouse notebook.)

Rack Space

Our rack space policy can be found here on our documents page. Please email for questions about rack spaces or to join our waitlist.