South County Sports Club promotes youth athletic excellence, provide access to sports in southern Fairfax County (Virginia) for area youth to improve the lives of young players.
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                       South County Sports Club (SCSC)                                      

            Broncos and Lady Broncos AAU/YBOA  Basketball  



The South County Sports Club is home to the Broncos and Lady Broncos AAU/YBOA Basketball program is a youth program designed to cultivate the athletic, academic and spiritual talent of boys and girls ages 9-18 through the development of specific skills associated with basketball such as self-discipline, dedication, relationship-building and communication.

AAU/YBOA basketball is extremely competitive. Players must tryout and then be selected for the appropriate level of play (Division 1 or 2). The Virginia Broncos AAU/YBOA Basketball program is designed to provide as many opportunities for development and visibility to college recruiters for a possible opportunity to continue your basketball and academic career beyond high school.

The AAU/YBOA are national programs. The Broncos and Lady Broncos AAU/YBOA Basketball Teams will represent the South County Sports Club at various qualifying tournaments at the State and Regional levels. Teams are competing to represent their clubs at the AAU Nationals and/or the YBOA Nationals. Nationals for AAU include various locations, including the home of the YBOA National Tournament, Orlando Florida’s Disney World.

The Spring Season begins at the end of March and continues until mid August. The Winter Season begins at the beginning of December and continues until mid March. For full information about the program, please contact .





National Federation of State High School Associations (NFSHSA) Basketball
This site provides information and resources for Coaches, Game Officials, Scorekeepers, and Timekeepers, including changes to NFSHSA Basketball Rules, Basketball Court Diagram, Basketball Signal Chart, and instructions for Scorekeepers and Timekeepers

Here’s how the age groups are determined.


BOYS Age Group
2nd grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 10 before 9/1/13 8u/2nd grade
3rd grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 11 before 9/1/13 9u/3rd grade
4th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 12 before 9/1/13 10u/4th grade
5th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 13 before 9/1/13 11u/5th grade
6th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 14 before 9/1/13 12u/6th grade
7th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 15 before 9/1/13 13u/7th grade
8th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 16 before 9/1/13 14u/8th grade
9th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 17 before 9/1/13 15u/9th grade
10th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 18 before 9/1/13 16u/10th grade
11th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 19 before 9/1/13 17u/11th grade
GIRLS Age Group
4th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 12 before 9/1/13 9u/4th grade
5th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 13 before 9/1/13 10u/5th grade
6th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 14 before 9/1/13 11u/6th grade
7th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 15 before 9/1/13 12u/7th grade
8th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 16 before 9/1/13 13u/8th grade
9th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 17 before 9/1/13 14u/9th grade
10th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 18 before 9/1/13 15u/10th grade
11th grade as of 10/1/12-can’t turn 19 before 9/1/13 16u/11th grade

**Players may play down a grade, but MUST meet the date of birth
requirements and be approved by AAU.


Season Runs from March through August.
  • Each team will participate in a sequence of tournaments.
  • Teams will play AAU / YBOA Qualifier tournaments . This will involve some traveling & some over night trips.
  • How many tournaments played will vary from team to team based on the goals set by each team.
  • The SCSC‘s “ultimate goal” is to get as many teams into the National Championship Tournament as possible.
  • There will be some local AAU leagues that teams will also participate in, this will involve weekday games located in Virginia/Maryland/Washington DC
  • Weekends will be left open for tournament play. Teams will be practicing 2 to 3 times per week “schedule dictated”.
  • Locations of Tournaments will vary.
  • Potomac Valley AAU Association (SCSC will be one of hundreds of clubs within this association) will be organizing the qualifying tournaments and League play will be determined by ABGC organization/teams (locations TBD / Virginia/Maryland/Washington DC).
  • $450 per player (All registration fees go back into the program) the fees are used for player registration, Broncos or Lady Broncos AAU uniform, player insurance, tournaments and league fees, gym fees.
  • Teams will have ~ 2 mandatory practices per week and will play in ~ 7 tournaments during the spring season (practices will begin soon after the second tryout session and will run through mid-June) *
  • Actual cost will be determined once coaches finalize tournament selection and schedule (all tournaments will be played in the local VA, MD, DC area).
  • All teams will be required to do fundraising.

South County Sports Club (SCSC)
Home of the Virginia Broncos and Lady Broncos
– Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is your goal for each team and will any/all age groups have 2 teams?
Our goal is to form a highly competitive top team that can compete at state, regional and national levels. Second teams in an age group may be formed as a ‘JV’ team to compete and develop players in support of the first teams goal. Players can and do move between these teams throughout the year based on the judgment of the age group coordinator. A second tem is formed with this objective if we are able to secure:
a) qualified coaches sharing our philosophy who support the goal of fielding the top team
b) sufficient player talent and work ethic to have a competitive team while developing players that can move to move to the top team. Our 10th grade team may have 40% of the roster that at one time played on the 2nd team.
c) Administrative and gym space capacity. Gym space is scarce and does constrain our efforts and unfortunately must be considered in these decisions.
2) What are the expectations for each Bronco and Lady Bronco Team to participate in State and National Tournaments?
1) Virginia District State Tournaments
All SCSC teams will participate in Virginia District AAU D1 or D2 Tournament.
2) National Tournament Participation expectations vary by the age group of the team:
 All LTT Teams 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade will participate in a National Tournament. AAU D1, D2 or D3 Tournament USBA D1 or D2 Tournament (which requires going to USBA State tournament plus one other tournament)
 SCSC Teams below 5th grade will compete in their state AAU tournament and develop towards a Nationals trip by 5th grade. They may go sooner if they desire.
 SCSC High School team schedules may include Nationals as described above and/or National Exposure based on the level and needs of that group.
3) Do these expectations apply to the 2nd team in an age group? Yes
4) Tryouts - does South County Sports Club hold annual tryouts for Broncos and Lady Broncos in every age group each year & when do they occur?
Players expressing interest at any time during the year are offered workouts with the teams and evaluated and are informed what (if any) roster spots may be available on either the top team or the second team. Spring (February, March) we get the most interest as the spring tournament season approaches. We will work out age groups together along with new players to assess the team formation and adjust as necessary. Fall and Winter leagues are often use those as extended tryouts for joining a roster for the spring tournament season. While raw talent and athleticism is a component, a relentless commitment to working on fundamental skills and knowing ‘how to play’ the game are critical components to long term development. Over time, players with more of the later will overtake the former.
5) How many players will each team carry?
Final decisions will be up to the coach - typically SCSC rosters carry 10-14 players. Keep in mind for typical tournament play, a team will play 4 to 5 games in a weekend so having sufficient capable players is important. Having more than 10 players also allows for more productive workouts.
6) How many practices per week will each team hold?
Final decisions will be up to the coach – Typically one or two times per week. Non tournament weeks, coaches may add an extra practice, especially early season. Boys 8th grade and under may play a spring league game one night and practice another night.
7) What is the estimated cost for each team?
Typical Spring/Summer team fees are between $400 and $800 to cover gym fees, uniforms, AAU and/or USBA registration, equipment, tournament and league fees. This does not include travel expenses for any out of town tournaments. The final cost depends on a few key factors set by that coach with input from his/her parents:

  • The number of tournaments/leagues and fees for each. Teams will typically play 5 to 9 tournaments from March to the June/July Nationals.
  • The uniforms selected as well as space and equipment needs.
  • Each Coach/Team decides how much fundraising each team will which goes directly to the teams account.
  • SCSC parents will raise money for their teams by working at least one shift during our annual basketball tournaments. Net proceeds from are allocated back to teams based upon the level of volunteer effort during the planning/preparation/execution phases. Please note this is the commuting time you would drive if going to a nearby tournament or Fairfax for a league game plus the convenience of playing in Loudoun.
  • Each Coach/Team manages their own budget but funds are deposited and dispensed only through the Treasurer with proper documentation.

8) Do SCSC coaches and administrators get paid?
Zero. Nothing. Leaders in SCSC work only to share their knowledge of the game they love and for the satisfaction of serving the players and families involved in our programs and the teams we compete with. Appreciation and respect of their dedication and efforts are required of all parents and players choosing to participate on any of our teams.
9) Do coach’s players pay team fees?
Yes they pay the fee as everyone else does if they have a player on the team. We have more coaches join SCSC every year increasingly are having coaches join us who love to coach and have great experience that don’t have players involved which helps our organizational bench strength.
10) Do you do background checks on your coaches?
Yes, all SCSC Head and assistant coaches all have background checks performed.
Thank you for your interest in South County Sports Club (SCSC). If you have further questions, please feel free to e-mail us at