South County Sports Club promotes youth athletic excellence, provide access to sports in southern Fairfax County (Virginia) for area youth to improve the lives of young players.
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Volunteer Opportunities

SCSC needs volunteers to help on a wide variety of projects as listed below. Some involve longer-term roles in the club, some are short-term, and others are one-time tasks that take only a few hours. Some require specific skills, while others require only a willingness to help. Some are better suited for SCSC coachers, directors, managers, others are suitable for parents and/or players.

Listed below are vacancy positions:

Volunteer Coordinator
Referee Commissioner
Building Director
Boys and Girls Basketball Coaches
House Basketball Director

League Directors are the front-line of activity for our house program. They are responsible for the tasks that start and keep a league running. Duties include: 

  • holding skill evaluations
  • drafting teams
  • scheduling games and practices
  • tracking wins and losses
  • running the end-of-season tournament
  • overseeing All-Star selections
  • enforcing SCSC rules and policies
  • attending monthly board meetings.

How to Become a Volunteer Building Director
Read the helpful information at the site and then take the exam. In order to help community groups reduce the cost of using gyms for athletics, we ask that parents become a volunteer building director. It is mandatory for coaches, assistant coaches and commissioners to become a volunteer building director. (Groups that do not provide volunteer building directors during gym use are required to use CRS-provided building directors at a cost of $12.12 per hour.)

 Adobe PDF file Volunteer Building Director Duties * - The BD, accompanied by a custodian, must inspect the gym, rest rooms, and hallways to determine the existing condition of the facility before usage begins. This inspection includes: basketball rims, nets, and backboards; floors, ceilings, and walls; bathrooms and locker rooms; adjacent hallways; volleyball standards; and other areas that are accessible to the public for community use.

Adobe PDF file VBD Bi-Weekly Report * - The first coach to use each gym does the first inspection and the last coach to use each gym does the last inspection. Indicate the day and time of gym usage. Record the time of facility inspection by custodian before and after gym use. Briefly describe damage to facility during use. If no damage, indicate so. Do not leave this space blank. Validate report with signatures of BD and custodian.

Adobe PDF file VBD Accident Report * - This is not an insurance claim form. CRS must document injuries sustained during community use activities in the event of a legal dispute. Indicate the who, what, where, when, and why. Be specific and thorough in completing the report. (e.g., front of the left thigh). Provide contact information for at least two witnesses. Fax and mail the report to CRS within 24 hours.

Adobe PDF file VBD School Property Damage Report * - Completed only when reporting damage to school property and submitted by fax to CRS within 24 hours. Indicate the who, what, where, when, and why. Information concerning the person(s) responsible for the damage will enable CRS to seek financial reimbursement for the cost of repairs. Provide a specific and thorough description of the damaged item and of the damage. Specify the location of the damage (e.g., girl's restroom in the gym).

In addition to the volunteer projects listed, SCSC would also like to identify parents who have specialized skills or knowledge in areas where we sometimes need help or advice. Please contact SCSC at if you are interesting in volunteering.