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Webster Jr Warriors Jr Titans

2013 Flag Football


WJW-WJT Flag Football Philosophy

The Webster Junior Warrior Junior Titan organization is all about the Fundamentals. Fundamentals introduce children to football by teaching basic skills in a FUN and energetic environment. Certified coaches use a series of drills to show passing, catching and running skills in a non-contact setting. All of WJW-WJT coaches are USA Football Certified. 
All skills and drills selected are based on USA Football's Player Progression Development Model, ensuring children are learning in an age-appropriate manner and creating an ideal atmosphere for FUN!


Our objective is simple; providing a positive football development experience to children in the Webster community.
This is a developmental, fundamentals focused league. We don’t keep score during games and we don’t keep win-loss records. All kids play all positions. This ensures that the focus remains where it should, on nurturing your child’s development and love of the game of football.


WJW-WJT goals are safety, education and fun.  We want all players to develop their skills and love of football while playing in a safe environment, learning the fundamentals and most importantly, having a great time doing it.


Parent Rules

  1. Coaches are volunteers. Treat them with respect. If you think you can lend a hand to enhance the experience of the team, please feel free to sign up to volunteer, as we are always looking for qualified assistance. We can teach you what you need to know about football. It is more important to be patient, a good teacher, and a great role model for the kids.
  1. Do not criticize. This includes negative comments about coaches, players, board members, medics, other parents, etc. Let’s make this a positive environment. We all make mistakes. Please be patient. Your reaction to a mistake is something you can control. The golden rule – Treat others as you want to be treated. Parent conduct is as important to the development of the children as anything that we do on the field.  No kid can respect a coach if they are getting criticized at the dinner table or on the car ride home or where ever. Please don’t criticize. This is important not only in Flag Football, but also as your family moves up through Webster programs.
  1. If there is an issue, please speak directly to the head coach.
    1. Do this before or after practice. Email or phone calls outside of practice are even better. Never after a game. Please allow 24 hours after the game for any issues to be discussed.
    2. Please rate the importance of the issue – is it ordinary, medium, or high priority. High priority example would be around safety, player wanting to quit, etc. Any issue around flag player position is ordinary. Their high school future will not be determined by their flag football position! It is much more important that they are having fun and want to stay with our football program. If your child is happy, please don’t sweat the small stuff.
  1. If you bring forward an issue, please also contemplate a potential solution to it.
  1. Remember the feelings of all players.  Remember for every kid that scores, there is another kid who gave up that score. Think about that when you are cheering. Praise effort – not the outcome.


All practices are held on the main field at Spry Middle School, 119 South Ave, Webster. Please park in designated parking lot areas.
  • Please stay.  If you have no other choice and have to leave, please let coach know and give a cell number.  Remember, if your child gets hurt or makes a play, the first person he is looking for is you.
  • Practice cancellations – we try our best to let everyone know. If there is lightning – practice is cancelled. Go to wjw-wjt.org for up-to-date info.
  • Practices begin about the second week in August* and are (T,W,Th) for the first 3 or 4 weeks, from 6:30-7:45PM*. Once school begins, practice moves to two days a week (T, Th), from 6-7:15PM*.
  • Teams will scrimmage each other during practice.


  • Games usually start the 1st week in September* and continue through the 1st week in October*.  At the last regular game, we have a cider and donut celebration, with trophys.
  • Games are mainly Sunday* morning from 9:50-11:00AM*.  Players need to arrive at 9:30AM for warm-ups and game prep.  Following the flag games is the C-Level football team.  Please stick around and watch a game to familiarize your family with what your child could be playing in a year or two.  
  • Please note that some Saturday* games are possible.
  • All games are “home” at Boulter Field, located behind the ice rink/soccer arena across from Thomas High School. Boutler Field, 865 Publishers Parkway, Webster NY, 14580.
  • The teams will play against each other on Sundays*.   No travel required to other towns.
  • After the last regular season flag games, there is a special the Senior Bowl, generally the first weekend in October*.
    • Senior bowl is for players who will be moving on to C-Tackle the next year. Typically they will be 7 years or older the following year – as of 8/1. It is a great experience getting players adjusted for the following season – full field, 11 kids on the field at once, game day simulation. Signups will happen after game four.


  1. Coaches (typically 3-4 per team), medics 1 per team.
  1. Team Parents – snack list, game day communication, paperwork, volunteer commitment. Please see head coach or flag coordinator to help.
  1. Each team is responsible for providing parent volunteers to work the concession booth (9:30-11). We also will need volunteers for the clock and music.
  1. Parents will also be asked to man the chains and down markers. Best view – please help.

Other information

  • New players - will receive their jersey and mouth guard.
  • Returning players – will receive mouth guard. They will use their jersey from the previous year
  • Plastic molded cleats are required. No screw in cleats or metal cleats allowed please.
  • Teams and head coaches will be announced approximately week 2. Our goal is to have equal teams and that is why we do evaluations.
  • There is no flag football/cheer formal year end banquet. Cider and donuts along with trophy at last full flag game @ Boulter field is our tradition.
  • No parking on west side of Sherwood Avenue. Please park @ Spry parking lot and walk over.
*All days/times are estimates.  Actual dates and times are tbd and will be published on our website: wjw-wjt.org once they are confirmed.