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Big Walnut Soccer Association

Please click on your age group for training drills.  The links below are .pdf files, and can be downloaded to your computer

Pre-K & 1 grade
2 & 3 grade
4 & 5 grade
6 & 7 grade
(this is a large file)
US Youth Soccer Association offers these training manuals
U12 Practice Activities

These drills will provide a general guidance for your practices and training sessions.

Here are a few videos that will show you the proper technique of the skills these drills are designed to develop, click on the title to start the video.

How to dribble a soccer ball
How to trap the ball
How to do a chest trap
How to kick a soccer ball
How to bend a soccer ball
How to chip-pass
How to tackle in soccer

These documents are an excellent reference for all Coaches in the recreational and select leagues.  The files are large, but you can download it to your computer for future reference. Click on the title to open it.

US soccer best practices
US soccer coaching curriculum
USYS coaching manual
USYS player development model
USYS small-sided games manual

Please make sure to visit this page frequently for additional training documents.