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MA Hockey League provides full ice and 3x3 leagues, tournaments,pick-up games and skill clinics for adult and youth players.

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MA Hockey League is the home of the 3-on-3 ice hockey league. We provide adult and youth hockey 
leagues, tournaments and pick-up games for all styles of hockey, including traditional full ice 5-on-5 hockey and unique 3x3 and 4x4 hockey on smaller ice rinks. We also offer adult and youth skills clinics for players and goalies. There is something for everyone year round!
We pride ourselves on having a well run league in an environment that is friendly and community-like but also with the competitive side that most hockey players enjoy. We provide a safe environment where players can play hard but clean and not have to worry about any goons or cheap shots. We offer the best value in hockey with affordable prices, multi-league discounts, and payment plan options while giving you a top quality league for players of all skill levels and ages.
Our leagues are real leagues with a referee(s), scorekeepers, standings, stats, playoffs, trophies etc. Most of the leagues have set teams and you will play with the same players all year whether you enter as a free agent, group, or team. We believe a league should feel like an actual league where you play more than the same team every week and don't have random players assigned to your team. We end the season with some type of playoff and even though you aren't going to the NHL you can still feel like you are playing for something. We keep the amount of players per team at a reasonable number if you join as a free agent, so you will still get plenty of ice time. Our 3x3 and 4x4 leagues offer non-stop playing styles meaning less stoppage time and more ice time. In most MA Hockey League's you can make your own team. This allows you to run your own team the way you want without having to pay large team fees based on 15 player teams. Leagues are controlled and monitored to ensure that teams are in the correct divisions.
We offer pick-up games at a few locations as well. Our pick-up games have no referees and less stoppages in play for more of a workout and more ice time. Hope to see you out on the ice soon! 
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