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  1. No one is allowed to play without appropriate gym shoes and an issued Cheverly Boys & Girls Club uniform.


2.       Prior to the beginning of each game the Head Coach, or a Designated Announcershall introduce every player and coach and after the introductions the teams who have lined up on the spectator side of the five (5) second zone shall walk to half court towards each other shaking hands in good sportsmanship.   

3.       A Skills Competition emphasizing basic basketball skills development shall be undertaken before each game. (pass & dribble, layup rebound, and foul Shots).  In calculating team scores in the skills competition the base score for each team shall be equal to whatever number of active players there are on each team roster even if some active players are absent from the competition.  Example:  If one team has a roster of eight (8) active players and only seven (7) are present for the Competition, the base score for each skills calculation shall be eight (8).  


  1. If any team shows up with less than five (5) players and (5) minutes past the completion of the Skills Competition has elapsed, the team with less than five (5) players forfeits.  If both teams have less than five (5) players, it is a forfeit loss for both teams.  But in either case extra players should be picked up or a scrimmage game played between the teams.  If each team roster contains eight (8) or less players this Forfeit Rule shall be waived if the reason a team(s) has less than five (5) players is illness or other legitimate excuse as determined by the Coordinator.  If the Forfeit Rule is waived, the teams shall scrimmage if possible, and the Coordinator shall reschedule the game on a date and time convenient to the coaches and team players.


  1. Coaches and assistant coaches are allowed to stand during the game as long as

they maintain their composure, and must remain in the coaches box which is

between the perpendicular line approaching the scores table and the entire front of the team bench. The Referee(s) may direct any Coach(es) to remain seated for the remainder of a game if the Referee(s) determines that being seated will maintain the composure of the Coach(es). 


6.       All players must sit on the bench or chairs placed on the west side of the gym, and the home team shall sit on the left side of the scorers table, and the basket directly in front of each bench shall serve as the designated basket for each respective team during the Skills Competition, and shall serve as the offensive basket for the second half (1/2) of the play for each respective team.


7.      Length of games:  Six (6) minute quarters. The clock will continue to run at all times except for when a time out is called, jump balls, shooting fouls and when a referee blows a whistle and instructs the timekeeper to stop the clock.  The clock will start once the ball is put in play.  There will be a five (5) minute game warm-up prior to the scheduled starting time; four (4) minute half-time break; and a two (2) minute break between quarters.


8.      Referees Rules:  Coaches may challenge the referees call by waiting until a quarter or half-time break or utilizing a time-out.  The challenge should be voiced at a conference between the coaches and referees at the half-court scorers table, and done in a reserved manner so that the players cannot hear the conference discussion.  If the referees ruling is determined to be incorrect and reversed, then if a time-out was called by a respective coach it shall not count as one (1) of the four (4) time-outs allocated per team.  Coaches shall not voice complaints, criticisms, or sarcasm towards the referees calls or lack thereof, and coaches shall not initiate demonstrative behavior or gestures that indicate criticism of referees calls or failure to call.  Coaches who violate this rule shall be given one oral warning by the referee out of earshot of the players at a conference between the coaches and referees at the half-court scorers table, and any violation thereafter shall result in a two (2) shot technical foul being shot by any player on the opposing team, and possession to the opposing team when play resumes.  A coach who has been given a technical foul may be required to referee at least two (2) future games as designated by the Coordinator.  


9.      Minimum Play:  Everyone must play at least two (2) quarters and must sit out at

least one (1) quarter.  When a team is shorthanded no player can play an entire

game until each player on the team has played three (3) quarters of a game.  Late

players can play after the game has started, however, if a player arrives during the

first (1st), or second (2nd) quarter, the player must play at least one (1) quarter, and any additional playing time shall be up to the coaches judgment.  If any team has six (6) players during a game which allows two (2) players to play the entire game, the two (2) players allowed to play the entire game will be players of equal or less ability to the missing players as reflected in the team lineups in the Scorebook and as agreed to by the opposing coach.  If only five (5) players on a team are present for a game and the opposing coach concludes that all five (5) players being allowed to play the entire game constitutes an advantage to the five (5) player team, the game shall automatically be rescheduled. To avoid a rescheduled game the respective coaches can mutually agree to play and allow the team that has more than five (5) players to play certain players the entire game as long as every player on that team plays a minimum of two (2) quarters.  No substitutions will be allowed within quarters except when a player is injured, or is determined by Coach to be out of control and cannot or should not continue to play. Then a coach may substitute a player of equal or less ability who has been agreed to by the opposing coach.  If the removed player is later able to reenter the game during the remainder of the quarter, the substitute player must then exit the game and return to the team bench.  Unless the substitute player plays more than half of the quarter, the playing time will not count towards allocation of quarter play.  After two (2) minutes of the fourth (4th) quarter, if a coach determines that his team has a substantial lead, the coach may substitute any number of bench players of lesser ability for more skilled players on the floor, and once taken out of the game a player may reenter the game during the fourth (4th) quarter.  If at the beginning of any quarter the respective coaches are attempting to matchup certain players and cannot agree as to which five (5) players are to play that quarter, then the referees shall flip a coin which shall be called by the visiting team coach and whichever coach wins the coin toss shall be the last team to place five (5) players on the floor.  Each quarter thereafter the option shall alternate from team to team.


P=Players     TOTAL POSSIBLE Q        IF 1O P_______      IF 9 P_______

                              5P x 4Q = 2OQ                 1OP x 2Q = 2OQ    7P x 2Q = 14Q

                                                                                                    2P x 3Q =  6Q



                      IF 8 P                             IF 7 P                     IF 6 P

                      4P x 2Q = 8Q                 1P x 2Q = 2Q         4P x 3Q = 12Q

                      4P x 3Q = 12Q                6P x 3Q = 18Q        2P x 4Q =  8Q

                                     2OQ                          2OQ                       2OQ 


10.     Coaches are allowed to request four (4) time-outs per game, and can go onto the

court to instruct players during the time-outs. Time outs can only be called when the ball is out of play or the team calling the time-out has possession of the ball.  Time-outs are sixty (60) seconds.  Any Head Coach can request a time-out at any time for an injured player on the Court.  If the player is determined to be injured by the Referee(s), then the time-out will not count as one (1) of the four (4) time-outs per team.  


  1.      The visitors will bring the ball in to start the game.  The alternating possession arrow

will determine the team that inbounds the ball for the start of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters. 


12.     The normal three (3) second zone is a five (5) second zone. 


13.     Three (3) Point Shots if successful shall be scored as two (2) points during the

     entire game.   


14.     The foul line will be the front hash mark just inside of the foul circle and in shooting

foul shots from the "foul line" the player’s foot can penetrate the line after the ball

has left the players hand, but the player cannot continue moving into the five (5) second zone, and must manifest a momentary hesitation before entering the five (5) second zone to pursue a rebound.  If the ball does not touch the rim, possession turns over to the defensive team by an out-of- bounds play from the side line, and the defensive team must immediately drop back to the defensive court across the defensive time line.      


15.     No pressing on the throw-in when an offensive team gains possession of the ball in

their back court.  Defensive players have to retreat to their defensive court, past the time line on the defensive side of the half court stripe.  If an offensive team advances beyond the defensive time line and retreats back over the time line, but within the half court stripe, a pressing situation is in effect.  A team has only 10 seconds to get the ball from their back court over the defensive time line once the opposing team crosses the defensive time line, and has had sufficient time to set up a defense.  If the offensive team violates the ten (10) seconds Rule, the Referees will yell "No Time Line", and the defensive team can cross the time line and confront the offensive players.  In the last two (2) minutes of the game a violation of the ten (10) seconds Rule will be presumed a "Stall," and will result in possession of the ball being given to the opposing team.  Once a player without the ball crosses the time line: the player cannot cross back over the time line to receive a pass or hand-off behind the time line, and such a violation shall result in a loss of possession by the offensive team.   Time outs will have no effect on the running of the ten (10) second Rule.        


16.     No "fast breaks" will be permitted during the game, and any change of possession by a loose ball, rebound, steal, or other actions shall require the opposing team to immediately commence returning to their defensive court across the defensive time line.  The offensive team cannot cross the time line until the defensive team has had sufficient time to set up a defense.


17.     A player assessed five (5) fouls in one game is automatically disqualified from the game on the 5th foul.


18.     On the six (6) team foul per half a one and one-foul shooting situation exists (bonus)

for the opposing team.  On the tenth (10th) team foul per half a two (2) foul shot situation exists (double bonus) for the opposing team.


19.     At the end of each game, the coaches, assistant coaches, and players shall line up at the same location as when the teams were introduced in the beginning of the game, and shall walk to half court towards each other shaking hands in good sportsmanship.


20.     The League Standings shall be based upon points earned in both game play and

skills competition.  A team that wins a game shall be awarded three (3) points in the League Standings, and the team that wins the Skills Competition shall be awarded one (1) point in the League Standings.  If the Teams tie in the scoreboard score at the end of a game there is no overtime play and each Team shall be awarded one and one-half (1/2) points in the League Standings.    Teams which earn total points within less than three (3) points of the first place Team at the end of the season shall be declared Co-Winners of the League.


21.     NO PROTESTSThe Board of Directors of the Cheverly Boys and Girls Club has

declared all Intramural Programs as Instructional and Developmental for all players and coaches, and the Referees and Scorekeepers are Volunteers. 


22.     Other than the Rules outlined above, the regular National Federation Basketball

Rules shall apply in all other circumstances except there shall be no overtime play.