Building Better Players


Our staff consists of current or former NCAA lacrosse players. Staff members are carefully chosen because they can communicate advanced lacrosse concepts to the middle school athlete. These men are united by our vision to prepare today's middle school athlete for the challenges of the increasingly competitive high school lacrosse experience.


Over the last 20 years we have developed a lacrosse system that has given our middle school athletes a leg up in securing meaningful spots on their high school rosters. That system includes position specific skill development as well as team concepts for the advanced player. We know your son will come home pumped by the instruction.


The Crabs lacrosse program has helped hundreds of middle school players be ready to compete for roster spots on their high school varsity teams quicker than many of their fellow classmates. Our goal has always been for our players to compete for a varsity spot as a freshman or at worst be a meaningful contributor on the junior varsity.

Now with Top Prospect you can see that system first hand! Given players at this camp will be pre screened for mastery of the fundementals (unlike just about every camp out there) the teaching sessions will be fast paced and full of drills they probably have never seen! Your son will work hard and love becoming a Top Prospect for his high school coach!

TESTIMONIALS: 2012  ( Important Update - Alex just verbally committed to UVA! )

Ryan, we wanted to tell you how much Alex liked and benefited from the Top Prospect Camp.  
Alex has gone to a number of overnight lax camps.  He usually goes to be with his friends and to have fun.  In addition to the Top Prospect he went to one other this summer, with his buddies, and ran midfield and had a great time.  
The difference with your camp is he walked away saying that he really felt like he was taught and learned a lot of new, helpful skills, that showed in his subsequent games.  He could tell the difference between the coaching he received
at Top Prospect and other camps he has gone to, which we think is pretty remarkable.
Alex enjoyed and felt he learned a lot from all the goalie coaches.  The coach from UMBC (we apologize for not know his name) made a significant impact on Alex.    Whatever he taught him, Alex took it to heart and and thought it made a difference in his game.  

We wanted to give you and him this feedback.    
Thanks for having him at the camp and we hope, if you do the camp next year, that Alex can again be invited to attend.  
Thanks for everything. 

 Mary and Joe Rode


Top Prospect is the Mid-Atlantic area’s first highly selective youth lacrosse camp for the elite middle school player committed to success at the next level. Applicants must provide a reference as part of the selection process. Successful applicants typically will have been starters for their respective travel teams. Players will experience an intense, fast-paced teaching environment during the instruction sessions. These sessions will include both team dynamics as well as position specific breakouts. 

“The difference with this camp: My son walked away saying that he really felt like he was taught and learned a lot of new, helpful skills that showed in his subsequent games. He could tell the difference between the coaching he received at Top Prospect and other camps he has gone to.” 

Our Take 
Run by Baltimore Crabs LLC Director Ryan McClernan, this event is outstanding for those looking to improve their game. It is not a recruiting camp, but rather focuses on educating younger players through individual instruction from leading lacrosse minds. Top Prospect has an “old school” camp feel, focused on player development through proper fundamentals as well as education via guest speakers. It is a refreshing event in that its focus is on teaching younger players the team game. 

Click here for the event recap video from 2013’s camp via LR News. 

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