Brighton (Colorado) Youth Baseball Association (BYBA) offers a local recreational and competitive baseball program that plays through Altitude Baseball League (ABL).

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Fall Ball 2019:


June 1, 2019--Fall Ball Registration Opens. Accepting COACHES applications now!


Click on the REGISTER NOW button on the home page.


August 16th Friday--Fall Ball Registration closes.

August 26th -- Fall Ball Teams set and coaches notified by September 1, 2019.

No games on Labor Day Weekend - September 1, 2019.

September 8th --Sunday--First Game (see Team Pages on 9/4) shirts distributed at BIP

October 20, end of season tournament. October 27, make up end of season (if necessary)


For 2019, we will have the following age divisions: Machine Pitch Minors (5-7), Machine Pitch Majors (6-8), 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, and 13/14 age groupings.  Players will play in the age group for the 2020 season.

Fall Ball games are played every Sunday, with very few (if any) practices.

The 7/8 year olds play one game every Sunday, 6 to 8 games total. Shirts are included (red and white) in $135.00 registration fees and "End of Season" tournament included for all teams.

The 9/10, 11/12, 13/14 year olds play double headers every Sunday, 12-16 games per season.  Shirts are included (red and white) in $195.00 registration fees and "End of Season" tournament included for all teams.

Are you interested in machine pitch?

Machine pitch is a great way to develop young players (5-8 year olds). Typically the kids see more consistent pitching and are taught that they have to hit (no walks). Shirts are included (red and white) in $135.00 registration fees and "End of Season" tournament included for all teams.

This creates a great environment to develop skills in the field as well, as you see many more fielding opportunities because kids are hitting and not walking.

We are excited to announce the addition of Machine Pitch Minors and Majors. While the minors teams will likely play Majors teams, due to the request of our community we will do our best to accomodate. Thunder Baseball expects to have 1-2 younger teams as well. 





2019 Fall Ball Summary


2019 Consolidated - Fall Baseball League Rules Mgmt


2019 Machine Pitch Rules Fall Ball


General Rules for Fall Games. Play normal summer rules (RMJBL), with the exception of:

  1. Each team supplies a new game ball to the umpire at the start of the game (Have a second new ball or good ball in reserve)
  2. Pitchers (9 -14) can only pitch 2 innings in a game, HS Pitchers can pitch 4 Innings
  3. Catchers can only catch 3 innings per game; HS catchers have no inning restrictions
  4. No more than 5 runs allowed by a team in any inning. Once you reach 5 runs, switch sides
  5. NO RUN RULES, so play the full 1:45 or 6 innings, 1:30 or 6 innings for 8U Machine Pitch/8U Kid Pitch Games. There are no mercy rules in Fall, use your discretion and if your team is clearly overmatching the other team, work on other plays, don’t pitch your best pitcher, etc.
  6. Be responsible adults, you can keep score but we don't keep standings.
  7. Go over ground rules before the games and come to an understanding about how you want the game to be played (stealing, leading off for younger teams, etc.). Talk it out with the opposing coach and the umpires. Come to an agreement on rules. Some teams are moving into new rules and trying to teach the game plus new rules such as stealing, leading off, etc.
  8. Teams MUST bat their entire lineups, free defensive substitutions: No Exceptions –No penalty if a player is hurt or cannot finish the game, simply skip that batter in the line-up.
  9. Rule: Keep it Lite-Have Fun-Help the develop the players.
  10. Here are the distances we will use in the fall:




MP/8U Kid


40’ for Kid Pitch










80’ (14’s can play 60/90 please determine at game time)


  • Machine Pitch 7/8U Kid Pitch:  1h 30 min game times Final batter can finish the At Bat, but the game ends after that)
  • Kid Pitch 9-14’s: 1h 45 min game times (game ends at 1:45 no exceptions) Final batter can finish the At Bat, but the game ends after that) - We have limited daylight, so we need to keep the games moving.
  • Special Rules for Rookie 9-Year Old/8U Kid Pitch Teams (Most rookie teams at 9 are just experiencing Kid Pitch for the first time):
  • Leading Off permitted if agreed to by coaches
  • Dropped 3rd Strikes result in an out



If you have any questions about the program, please contact our Fall Ball Coordinator

John Robinson at