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When and where are practices held?

Practices are held at our field in Veteran's Memorial Park. Times are set by each team's head coach and the cheer director. Practices start August 1st. Generally, younger squads (Mighty Mites and Division 1) will practice 2 - 3 times per week, for approximately an hour and a half. Division 2 and above will practice 3 - 4 times per week, for approximately 2 hours. During September and October, practice frequency and duration may be lessened.

When are the games?

Games are played on the weekends during September and October. It is a nine week season; you will have 8 games and a bye week (week off). There are 4 home and 4 away games. Home games are played at our field in Veteran's Memorial Park. Away games are played at the home field of another Orange County team. The games can be either Saturday or Sunday. The younger teams generally play earlier in the day, with the older teams having games later in the day or Saturday nights. The schedule is generally posted in late August.
There is no way of knowing where or when games will be played until the schedule is generated by the OCYFL.
In the event a team makes the playoffs, the season may be extended 1-3 weeks.

Do we keep the uniforms/do we need to buy the uniforms?

Part of your uniform is purchased; the rest is on loan from the league. You will receive a vest, skirt and warmups. These uniform pieces are the property of Warwick Valley Youth Football and Cheerleading, and must be returned in good condition at the end of the season. You will be required to post a $150.00 uniform bond, which will be refunded upon the return of your uniform.

You are required to purchase approximately $70.00 worth of uniform accessories: bodysuit, socks, hair bow, sneakers and briefs. These are required to complete the uniform and are yours to keep at the end of the season.

As the weather gets colder, the girls will want to wear something warmer over their uniform. The only two authorized items are the official warmup jacket and pants or official uniform hoodie.  The hoodie can be ordered through the league. Anything else is considered out of uniform.

When do we get fitted for a uniform?

The uniform fitting is generally the same night as football equipment handout. At that time, your child will be fitted for her uniform and also the uniform accessories. Accessory pieces (bodysuit, brief, socks, and bows & game hoodie) will be ordered and paid for that night.

All uniform pieces will be distributed in August. The mandatory uniform bond check of $150.00 is collected prior to distribution of uniform .

How can I get a cheer hoodie?

Game hoodies are available for order at registration and uniform fittings.

Cheer clothing and merchandise will be available for purchase at registration.

Can my children cheer together/for their brother?

If your children are in the same division, they can be kept together on the same team or they can be paired with their brother's football team. We cannot move children to different divisions to keep them together! We must keep the age/grade requirements in place.

Can I request a specific team?

While every effort will be made to accommodate requests for coaches or carpooling, there is NO guarantee that these requests can be honored.

When is the cheerleading season?

The season begins on August 1st and continues through the second week of November. In November, we participate in Cheerfest. Cheerfest is a cheerleading exhibition for all the youth squads of Orange County. It is generally held the second weekend in November, and the location varies each year.

What is competition cheerleading?

Competition cheerleading is competing against other cheer teams.  Cheerleaders must tryout for this winter season.  See Competitive cheerleading FAQ for additional information.

When do I return the uniform?

There will be a uniform return date shortly after Cheerfest. At this time, you will return the skirt, pants and vest. They must be clean and in good condition, without alterations. They may not be permanently altered! If the uniform is returned in good condition, you will receive your bond check back. If repairs or cleaning is required, or there are pieces missing, you will forfeit all or part of your bond.

Does my child need a physical to cheer?

YES, your child needs to have proof of a current physical in order to begin practicing. Forms are available at registration and on this website. You must submit a form filled out by your pediatrician's office or a note from your pediatrician which includes their office stamp, date and signature prior to August 1st by mail or email. Without this documentation, your child cannot start practices.

What do I need to register?

You must have a copy of your child's birth certificate and a check to pay the registration fees. The fee for the 2013 season is $125.00 for Mighty Mites and $135 for all other divisions.  There is a $25 discount for each additional family member (football player or cheerleader.) Registrations received after April 30th will be subject to a $25.00 late fee.

Can I get my money back if I withdraw?

Yes, however, there is a $25.00 non-refundable filing fee. There are no refunds after July 1st. Registration closes on May 15th. Anyone wishing to register after May 15th will be placed on a waiting list.

When will I know who my coach is?

Coaches and teams cannot be assigned until after the football draft is completed and the teams and divisions have been approved by the OCYFL. You will be notified of your team assignment as soon as they are handed out; however, this is generally not done until early summer.

What do I do if I have additional questions or concerns?

Please contact our Cheer Director, Brianna Stach, at briannastach@gmail.com or (845) 544-3743.