The mission of CC United Soccer Club is to foster, promote, and perpetuate the game of soccer for youth in the communities of Carver, Chanhassen, Chaska, Victoria and surrounding communities.

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General Team Manager Information

What do I do if I want to manage a team?
Click here to register or e-mail Account Services at 

What are the requirements to be a team manager?

What is involved in being a team manager?
The success of CC United depends on many wonderful and passionate volunteers just like you.  As a team manager you are the face of CC United.  As families get involved they have many questions (Where do we practice?  What time is the game?  How do we get there?).  The main role of the team manager is to be the focal point of team communications.  The team manager will communicate not only schedules, but also information and expectations throughout the season.  Your main contact at the club is Account Services.  Contact with questions or for support at any time.

Is there any training for this position? Will there be a team manager meeting?
Yes!! There is a team manager meeting before the beginning of the Summer and Fall season. For additional information see the list of Competitive Team Manager Guides and Competitive Team Manager Forms.

What is my responsibility?
As a team manager you will be the main point of contact between the club and your team. You will also be responsible for collecting forms from players/parents, registering the team for tournaments, getting your team game-ready, entering the game and practice schedule on the team website calendar, and facilitating game reschedules.

Do I have to manage a team alone or can two parents jointly share the responsibility?
Typically most team managers do the job alone, however, it is absolutely ok to have another parent split the duties with you. In the case where multiple parents manage the team those reimbursement funds are split evenly between the individuals performing the manager duties.