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Wellesley Youth Basketball Association Marketing Policy

Wellesley Youth Basketball counts as one of its goals to work collaboratively with the high school basketball staff and programs in order to further develop the sport of basketball within the Wellesley community.  As part of that effort, WYBA will attempt, where possible, to support members of the Wellesley High School basketball programs in their efforts to teach the game of basketball to children in grades K-8.  Such support may include communicating with the WYBA population via email or other means about the availability of various programs being made available by members of the High School staff.

Separately, WYBA will host a “resources” web page designed to provide information to Wellesley parents about options for basketball in terms of camps, clinics, etc.  Such listings do not represent formal endorsement of any of these programs, nor does it mean to serve as a comprehensive listing of available options.

WYBA wishes to be explicit in communicating that we will not proactively promote programs other than those managed by coaches from WHS staff, such as mass email notices or other such communications.