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  1. Parents should provide their skater with properly fitted and maintained equipment. Refer to equipment guidelines or the Equipment Manager for assistance.

  2. Parents should have their skater at practice and games ready to go at the time the coach designates.

  3. Parents are reminded that this is youth hockey and skater expectations should be commensurate with age and ability.

  4. Parents should meet their financial obligations in order not to jeopardize their skater’s ice time.

  5. Parents are an integral part of the team. Team effort exists not only on the ice but also in the stands.

  6. Parents are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times.

  7. Parents are urged to encourage and be positive in their support of the team. In particular, parents shall refrain from acting in any way, which would tend to embarrass or humiliate any skater, parent, family member or coach on the team.

  8. Coaches should coach. Parents should not yell instructions during the game or a practice.

  9. Parents are not to be on the ice at any time unless specifically requested by the coach.

  10. Parents should support the coach in every way possible.

  11. Parents are obligated to notify the coach or Team Rep of pending absences.

  12. Parents should support the club by working at fundraisers, tournaments and all other club sponsored events.

  13. Parents should encourage participation in the club by recruiting members to help the club grow.

  14. Parents are reminded that they, as well as their skaters, are representatives of the club and that their attitudes and behaviors reflect not only themselves but on the club’s reputation as well. Failure on the part of a parent to act in a manner consistent with these guidelines, or in a manner detrimental to the interests of the club may subject the parent to formal disciplinary action by the Board.

  15. Parents are required to sign a Parents Code of Conduct each year at registration.