The vision of the Mavericks Lacrosse Club is to be recognized by local high school and national college lacrosse coaches as a premier program for the development of proper lacrosse skills, sportsmanship, and character in our young men.

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Who are the coaches and who will be coaching my team?

We believe that any club is only as good as it's coaches. Our coaches are a mix of professional players, college players, as well as, current college and high school coaches. Each team will have an offensive and defensive coach. Our coaches are paid to teach the game with a positive tone or they are let go. And yes we know there are great player that can't coach and great coaches that were average player.

What tournaments do the Mavericks compete in?

We look for tournaments that have a track record of being well organized and that draw top caliber clubs. We also make an effort to keep the tournaments local, with-in a reasonable driving distance. The high school teams will travel farther to participate in quality college recruiting tournaments.

How many tournaments do the teams attend?

The middle school teams will participate in 2-3 during the summer. The high school teams will participate in 3-4 during the summer. Each team will also enter a fall tournament.

How often do the teams practice in the summer?

Our teams will have 10-13 practices. The practices begin in late May and run to the end of July.

Do the teams play in the winter?

Yes, we will provide drill sessions in the late Fall/Winter. Some of the teams will play in fall tournaments and indoor winter leagues.

Where are practices held?

We use fields in Bel Air, Maryland. Some of the locations include: Tollgate Park, Tucker Field, Red Pump Elementary School, John Carroll, and Cedar Lane.

If my son makes a team, will playing for The Mavericks interfere with other sports?

It is not our intention to monopolize a young athletes time with year-round lacrosse. We see the benefit and encourage our young men to be multi-sport athletes.

How many players are selected for a team?

Our teams consist of 19-21 players. We keep the numbers small so our coaches can spend as much time as possible with each player.

How are the player evaluations/try-outs conducted?

The coaches and the board of advisors make the selections. All evaluators have extensive experience playing the sport and/or coaching lacrosse. Evaluations are fair and unbiased. We are looking for the best athletes and lacrosse players.

Why don't you do more tournaments?

We have no interest in feeding the "lacrosse beast" more then we have to. Practice more play less.

What type of helmet should I buy?

We prefer our high school players to wear their school helmet. Our middle schools players should purchase the following
Cascade CPX-R  or PRO 7
White Shell
Navy Blue Visor Cal
Navy Blue Pro Chin
Chrome or Titanium Pro Mask
Orange Chin Strap

Is LaxSkills part of the Mavericks program?

No, the LaxSkills program is for non Mavericks, Mavericks that want more training then what is offered, and players too young for the Mavericks. LaxSkills uses some of the same coaches as the Mavericks but is completely seperate.