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In an effort to promote the benefits of playing youth hockey, to make hockey available to as many as possible and to reward individual value to the organization, Stoughton Youth Hockey Association will provide means of obtaining financial assistance to those who are worthy or in need of such aid. Scholarship funding based on financial need will first be sought through the Blue Line Club and then through Stoughton Youth Hockey Association.


  1. Blue Line Club Scholarships. The Blue Line Club is a non-profit organization in Wisconsin that provides money for hockey scholarships. This money is typically used for club membership fees but can also be used for other needs of hockey players such as equipment, tournament fees, traveling expenses, etc.
    1. Qualifications
      1. Because ssistance to older skaters could affect their eligibility to obtain NCAA approved college scholarships later on, the Blue Line Club will only consider assistance to skaters 13 years of age and younger. For similar reasons, they will only work directly with the Board of Directors from the clubs and the applicant’s name must be anonymous. No one can apply directly to the Blue Line Club for any money. If sponsored by Stoughton Youth Hockey, the applicant should be a member of the club unless the financial circumstances are preventing the skater from joining the club.
      2. The purpose for granting assistance is based on need. The Blue Line Club will provide this assistance in cases where a skater’s family can not makes ends meet and all other means have been exhausted. A typical case would be if there was an illness or disability in the family that affected a parent’s ability to earn money or money earned went towards this family member’s illness. Other circumstances would be where there is a broken family or other reasons that resulted in a single parent environment where there is limited income for the purpose of playing hockey. The Blue Line Club also requests that the applicant fully participate in the Club’s fundraising activities to whatever extent that they are able.
    2. Procedure
      1. The procedure begins with a letter from the applicant’s parent(s) or guardian to Stoughton Youth Hockey detailing the basis for need as specified above and for what amount and purpose they are requesting the money. A letter could also come from a third party that is very familiar with the family’s situation. The letter should include what efforts they have made to fulfill their financial obligation to the club. It will be up to the Board of Directors or a Scholarship Committee made up of Board Members to decide if the request meets the qualifications described above. Once approved by the Board or Committee, Stoughton Youth Hockey must send a letter to the Blue Line Club detailing the need and to what extent the proposed recipient has participated in fundraising events. The letter must request a specific amount and indicate where this money is to be used. Once again, the name of the applicant must remain anonymous and the Blue Line Club will not discuss a request directly with the applicant.
      2. Once the Club receives the money, typically 6-8 weeks later, the Club will notify the applicant and then use and/or direct the money as intended. The applicant must be a member in good standing, which includes not having any other outstanding balances, or be in possession of any non-authorized club equipment. It will be up to Stoughton Youth Hockey to decide if the applicant can request additional assistance in the future. This decision will most likely depend on whether there is a permanency to the financial situation such as a total disability of one or both of the parents or guardians.
  2. Stoughton Youth Hockey Scholarships Fund. The Stoughton Youth Hockey Association will attempt to provide financial assistance to its club members in addition to the Blue Line Club by maintaining a scholarship fund. The scholarship fund will consist of and be funded by the excess fundraising fees earned by ex-members of the club and donations sought from local businesses that support our programs. At its discretion, the club may also budget or make an allowance for a certain amount in the budget in order to keep it solvent.
    1. Qualifications
      1. Because the Blue Line Club directs its assistance purely on the basis of need, the Stoughton Youth Hockey Association will take into account necessity and/or value of the family or skater to the club such as:
        1. A family in need of financial assistance and who also exhibits and maintains a positive attitude both on and off the ice.
        2. A family in need of financial assistance and who also exhibits an extraordinary level of team play.
        3. Individuals who have recruited several new families into the club.
        4. Individuals who have obtained something of monetary value for the club (see also section I under Skating Fees).
        5. Individuals that do not qualify for Blue Line scholarships because of age.
    2. Procedure
      1. Third party nomination, by a member of SYHA, is required for these awards.
      2. A letter detailing the qualifications above should be presented to Stoughton Youth Hockey.
      3. Board approval is required.