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In addition to the official duties outlined in the club by-laws, the responsibilities of the various positions in the club shall include the following. These responsibilities remain with the position even if the duties are delegated to others.

  1. President
    1. The President will be responsible for the overall operation and organization of the club.
    2. The President will be responsible for scheduling and the holding of monthly board meetings to conduct the business of the club.
    3. The President will be responsible for proposing a club budget, with assistance from the Treasurer, before the beginning of each season.
    4. Because it affects the budgeting process, the President along with the DOHO, will be responsible for ice purchase.
    5. The President shall provide the Dane County Youth Hockey Council with an estimate of the number of teams that will be playing in league play for the upcoming year when asked for by the league.
    6. The President shall be responsible for the publishing, as necessary, a newsletter to the club members.
    7. The President shall be responsible for general club recruitment. This involves the placing of newspaper ads, distribution of club brochures and any other means of promoting the club as the board sees fit.
  2. Director of Hockey Operations (DOHO)
    1. In addition to the by-laws that spell out the DOHO’s responsibility of supervision of the Coaches Committee, the DOHO will act as the club ACE Coordinator as outlined by the USA Hockey Association.
    2. The DOHO, in coordination with the Mandt Community Center, shall be responsible for organizing work crews to assist in the setting up, maintenance and tearing down of the rink each year.
    3. The DOHO will organize the team selection process to be carried out by each ALD.
    4. The DOHO, in coordination with the team managers and coaches at each level, will be responsible for communicating with the Dane Co. league team placement director to ensure a proper level of play by the SYHA teams. This will be for both the fun and championship round of league play.
    5. The DOHO will be responsible for all ice scheduling. In addition, the DOHO will ensure that all state qualifying teams get an adequate amount of ice time in the week(s) leading up to state tournament play.
    6. The DOHO will oversee the Equipment Manager position and ensure that all teams are properly equipped with pucks, puck bags, water bottles and first aid equipment.
  3. Director of Fundraising
    1. The Director of Fundraising shall be responsible for creating and distributing a list of all eligible fundraisers at the beginning of each season. This list will further spell out the fundraising requirements for each level during the fundraising period. The list will also show the chairperson for each fundraiser along with the expected credits to be paid for the fundraising activity.
    2. The Director of Fundraising will be responsible for the completion of a fundraising report within 30 days of the completion of the yearly fundraiser that includes the total revenue, cost of goods sold (if applicable), expenses and credits paid.  This report will be presented for approval at the next meeting of the board.
    3. The Director of Fundraising will be responsible for the determination of chairperson credits of each fundraiser including that of the manager of the concession stand and others that help the Concession Stand Manager. The board must also approve these credits.
  4. Secretary
    1. Along with the President, the Secretary shall be the liaison between the club, WAHA and the Dane County Youth Hockey Council and execute all the required registration paperwork as required by these organizations.
    2. The Secretary shall be responsible for the maintenance of up-to-date club rosters and mailing labels.
    3. The Secretary shall be responsible for updating the Club Guidelines as necessary and their distribution to club members as necessary.
    4. The Secretary shall provide the DOHO with a Next Year Skater’s Report following the end of the hockey season.
  5. Treasurer
    1. The Treasurer will work with President to develop a budget prior to the beginning of the season.
    2. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the reporting to the club at each board meeting:
    3. A financial statement of the club
    4. An Accounts Receivable report
    5. The Treasurer shall work with each ALD to ensure the collection of all outstanding amounts owed to the club. The Treasurer shall pursue whatever means necessary and appropriate to collect these amounts.
  6. Age Level Director (ALD)
    1. The ALD represents the age group on the Board of Directors.
    2. The ALD is responsible for maintaining open communication between and among parents, team managers within the age level and the Board.
    3. The ALD shall become involved in any problems at an age level that cannot be resolved by the team manager and, if necessary, bring these issue to the attention of the Board.
    4. The ALD shall be responsible for holding a parent/coach team meeting as early as possible after teams are selected and monthly thereafter.
    5. The ALD shall be responsible for making sure that the Dane Co. and WAHA team rosters are completed accurately and on time.
    6. The ALD shall be responsible for coordinating the coaches’ selection of teams within an age level.
    7. The ALD is the team manager for all teams within an age level until team selection is made and the team manager position is filled.
    8. The ALD shall be responsible for providing information about the teams within an age level for the club’s newsletter and web site.
  7. Team Manager (MGR)
    1. The Team Manager distributes information to coach and team members concerning practice and game times, sites and dates.
    2. The Team Managers schedule scrimmage games at the discretion of the head coach. For each scrimmage game initiated by the Stoughton Viking team the team Manager should obtain a reciprocal scrimmage game in return.
    3. The Team Manager obtains referees from the Dane Co. Official Association for scrimmage games.
    4. The Team Manager will hold a meeting of the team’s parents shortly after the team is formed to determine the preference of the team regarding the number and competitive level of tournaments and the distance the team wishes to travel to such tournaments. The Team Manager should schedule and organize team participation in these tournaments and handle funds for the tournaments.
    5. The Team Manager will provide each team parent with a complete roster of the team’s skater names, addresses, and phone numbers.
    6. The Team Manager will schedule, as necessary for games and scrimmages, scorers, timekeepers, and penalty box workers.
    7. The Team Manager shall be responsible for keeping and presenting to authorities as necessary, a complete WAHA roster and birth certificates for the team. The birth certificates should be State certified, not hospital birth certificates.
    8. The Team Manager is the first person to contact for any problems or concerns within the team. If these issues cannot be resolved, the Team Manager shall bring the issue to the attention of the ALD.
    9. The Team Manager shall be responsible for distributing the club newsletter to team's parents within three days of its receipt.
  8. Equipment Manager
    1. The Equipment Manager shall maintain the club’s equipment and ensure that an adequate amount exists and repairs are made as necessary.
    2. The Equipment Manager will be responsible for the distribution of equipment to the appropriate club members at the beginning of the season and for its collection and inventorying at the end of the season.
    3. Rental fees will be established by the Equipment Manager and approved by the Board. Sales tax is to be charged on rental equipment. Rental fees are non-refundable and go towards the equipment budget.
  9. Jersey Manager
    1. The Jersey Manager shall be responsible for the inventorying and ordering of all club jerseys.
    2. The Jersey Manager shall be responsible for the registration and tracking of player-assigned numbers for member-owned jerseys.
  10. Concession Stand Manager
    1. The Concession Stand Manager shall be responsible for any and all activities that involve the concession stand, including maintaining a profit as set forth in the annual budget.
    2. The Concession Stand Manager has the authority to set hours and to impose fines for members missing shifts and to order and set prices for concession stand provisions and merchandise.
    3. The Concession Stand Manager shall publish a list of the concession stand hourly requirements and policies at the beginning of each season.
    4. The Board should not become involved Concession Stand issues unless it has consulted with the Concession Stand Manager.
    5. The Concession Stand Manager is required to get board approval for any new equipment purchase in excess of $1000.
    6. The Concession Stand Manager shall provide at least a quarterly financial statement to the Board.