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After careful consideration, the Board of Directors of Stoughton Youth Hockey has adopted a skater uniform policy for all games played by club teams. The policy is designed to help promote the team concept of youth hockey and sports in general, and to help ensure club representation at both home and away games.

Stoughton Youth Hockey’s Uniform Policy is as follows:
  • Club colors are purple, black, and gray.
  • Home jerseys are white, away jerseys are black.
  • Skater names will not be permitted on the jerseys.
  • Game socks must match the jersey being worn (white socks with white jersey, black socks with black jersey).
  • No mixing of game sock colors (e.g., one white and one black).
  • Black is the preferred (but not mandatory) color for breezers, helmets, and gloves.
  • Note that existing, non-conforming equipment does not need to be replaced. However, when replacing non-conforming equipment, please buy black.

Violations of the Club Uniform Policy may result in disciplinary action, which could include not allowing a skater to participate in a game.

Game socks (NHL Los Angeles Kings Home and Away styles).