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In addition to these guidelines, we attempt to communicate with our members in a variety of ways. 


Team Rep.- Each team will appoint a Team Rep who is responsible for communicating the schedules of games, practices and tournaments of their particular team.  A team rep should have good knowledge of hockey and how the club operates and acts as the manager of the team. The Team Rep should be the first person to go to when you have questions. 

Age Level Director (ALD) This is the Board Member whose duty it is to manage all of the teams at a particular age level.  As a Board Member, an ALD can vote on a variety of topics that affect the club including these guidelines. The ALD should be the next person to go to in case of specific questions or concerns. 

Board Members Besides the ALD, the club has a President, Director of Hockey Operations, Director of Fundraising, Secretary and Treasurer.  The title of their position reflects their duties and responsibilities. However, their specific duties are outlined later in these guidelines and in the by-laws. All Board Members are to be accessible by the club members for questions and concerns. Board meetings are held monthly if a particular issue needs to be addressed by the entire board.   If club members should have a topic that they would like for the Board to address, they can contact a board member with enough notice to be added to the agenda.  A listing of the current year board members will be published in the first newsletters following the election and the final registration of the season. 

Newsletters Newsletters will be published on a weekly and an as needed basis during the year and contain a variety of information that is useful to the membership.  If a member has a subject that should be included in the newsletter, please contact the secretary. 

Website Located at www.stoughtonhockey.com.  Comprehensive information, including key individuals in the club, ice schedules, newsletters and even these guidelines and by-laws can be obtained from this site.  

Bulletin Board There is a bulletin board at the rink for the latest updates on concerns of the club.  Please check this board regularly for information on scheduling, fundraising, equipment for sale, hockey camps and other announcements.