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What is the game and practice schedule at this level?

Teams begin practices in March and games on Opening Weekend in early April. During the regular season, teams have practice twice per week, typically on a weeknight and either Sunday afternoon or another weeknight.  This is a big commitment!  Games are played on Saturday mornings or afternoons, as well as having one game per week on a weeknight; it is possible that some weeknight games may end after 9pm, although that should not be a weekly occurrence.  Game schedules will be made available in late March or early April.   Games are scheduled for 2-hour slots. 


In early June, the schedule shifts to a postseason tournament in which all teams participate.  The season ends in late June.


When will I hear from a coach?

All players registered for Majors will be scheduled to attend a fun and friendly skills evaluation session.  Players are scheduled with friends, past teammates, and players of similar age and skill level to maintain a low pressure environment.  Commitment for each family should be no more than 45 minutes.

At these sessions, coaches, league officials, and parents can confirm together that players are registered for the appropriate level of play.  Coaches and league officials prepare for a draft in late February or early March; the aim of the draft – results of which are kept confidential by coaches and league officials – is to strike a good balance between the desire to ensure that each team is competitive for most players to continue playing with one or two friends, schoolmates, and past teammates. Teams are formed soon thereafter and your coach will reach out to you.


What does a typical game look like?

At this level, a game looks like almost like a real game of baseball. Players pitch to each other, steal bases, and learn to bunt; batters can advance to first on dropped third strikes. Only nine players play in the field at any time, and only nine players are in the batting order at any given time. Games are often closely contested, and though our coaches know that winning isn’t the most important thing, we all recognize that every team should know they have a shot at winning.


Should I sign my child up for 50/70, Majors, or AAA?

You should register your player for the highest level that he or she wants to try. During the skills evaluation session, coaches, league officials, and parents can confirm that players are registered for the appropriate level of play. Players get placed into the appropriate level via the draft process.


My son/daughter played Majors last year.  Can’t he/she return to the same team without attending this evaluation session?

It is quite possible that your player may return to his/her team from last season through the draft, but participation in the evaluation session and the draft is required to achieve the desired balance between competitive play and keeping players with friends, schoolmates, and prior teammates. Aside from just being a fun time, these sessions really help our coaches and league officials to understand how players have progressed (i.e., whether a player is at the right level in a second year of Majors) and to establish a baseline of the talent level for each team.  


What’s the deal with all-stars?

Majors has several different possibilities when it comes to making an All-Star team, including:

LOCAL – Arlington Little League has an annual Majors All-Star Game, featuring two or three talented players from each team as voted on by their teammates. There is no commitment to participating on this team or in this game, other than the game itself.

DISTRICT 4 – 9 & 10 year-olds from our AAA and Majors divisions are eligible for the District 4 all-star teams. These teams require an almost daily commitment to baseball practice and/or game from the end of the ALL season until early to mid-July. Talk to your coach, stay tuned to the website for details if you’re interested.

 What does my player need?

The league provides a team t-shirt and a hat for each player, as well as a tee, helmets, catcher’s gear, and bats at each game. Players at this level need to provide their own glove, and will need to bring their own water, juice, etc. to each game. Cleats and baseball pants should be worn at this level.


What else is required?

Your participation as a parent.  Even if you don’t step up as a head coach, parents should be present at these games to cheer on their players and help the coaches.


If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact or the Majors Commissioner!