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Volunteers are always welcome at SCNM, whether as Board Members, coaches, or in other capacities. If you are interested in helping the Club please contact at   Soccer experience and knowledge is preferred for coaching positions; however, it is not necessary for all other volunteer positions.


Vice President
Treasurer (OPEN)
Field Coordinator(OPEN)
Referee Assignor

Boys Coordinator
Boys Registrar 
Girls Coordinator
Girls Registrar

In-House Registrar
In-House Coordinator

Non-Voting Board Seat
Uniform Coordinator
Website Design

President (voting)

  • Oversight on execution of Mission Statement
  • To promote fun, healthy, quality sport for all membership
  • Influence and build club awareness to public
  • Final decision maker on guidelines, rules, issues
  • Run board meetings, report to CJSA and NW district
  • Responsible for growth of soccer program
  • Oversee financial growth of club
  • Creating new incentives – soccer or financial based
  • Oversee all elements of soccer related activity and volunteers, position heads

Vice President (voting)

  • Primary objective is to ensure that the SCNM has an established organization that supports the mission of the Club. Included in this is the Operational Business, Soccer Philosophy, Executive Direction and Fiscal discipline to maintain an effective Club, that is positioned to support youth soccer into the future
  • Participate in SCNM Business via monthly Board meetings
  • Owns SCNM Mission statement and responsibility to ensure Club is setup to support name
  • Manages SCNM DOC; goals; objectives and feedback
  • Primary SCNM Disciplinary Officer
  • Liaise with New Milford HS soccer
  • Overseas uniform / apparel contracts
  • Supports escalations of parent / player / coach disputes

Treasurer (voting)

The Treasurer is an executive officer of the Soccer Club of New Milford Board responsible for all payments, deposits and receipts in the accounts approved by the Board in the name of this Club.

Objective: To ensure that a financial management system and reporting system is put in place and operable so the Club committee has an accurate understanding of the financial status of the Club at all times.

  • keep the club’s books up-to-date
  • keep a proper record of all payments and monies received
  • make sure financial reports are available and understood at board meetings
  • show evidence that money received is banked and documentation provided for all money paid out
  • ensure that information for a review and tax return is prepared each year
  • arrange for tax return is prepared and filed
  • give Treasurer’s report at regular meetings and when required
  • produce an annual financial report
  • pay the invoices in a timely manner
  • send tournament fees
  • work with VP on fund raising
  • work with executive board to hire coaches and director of coaching
  • review and make recommendations regarding fees
  • work with registrars and VP to collect all fees
  • prepare annual report to club members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to include revenue such as fund raising activities, donations, fees and expenses

Knowledge and skills required:

  • well organized
  • able to allocate regular time periods to maintain the books
  • able to keep good records
  • able to work in a logical orderly manner
  • aware of information, which is needed to be kept for the annual audit
  • must have knowledge of QuickBooks and Excel
  • excellent communications skills required
  • accounting or book keeping experienced preferred

The Treasurer is accountable to the President and the Executive Officers


Secretary (voting)

  • Record minutes of SCNM meetings and ensure that they are accurate and they are approved by SCNM Board members
  • Noting motions and approval of any changes / motions going forward
  • Confirms that all coordinators have reports and documentation to the Board
  • Keep a copy of the final approved minutes and ensure that this copy is maintained in the corporate records
  • Maintain records of the organization. These records may include various documents (TBD), lust of directors, board and committee meeting minutes, financial reports, and other office records
  • Ensure that an up-to-date copy of the bylaws is available at all meetings
  • Provide all notices of upcoming SCNM meetings
  • Prepare agenda for SCNM meetings
  • Participate in meetings as a voting member

Referee Assignor (non-voting, paid)

Requirements: Must be a registered USSF referee assignor.
Must have the ability to effectively communicate with the league and referees. Must be able to organize and assign referees in a timely manner.

Function: To assign matches under the league/club jurisdiction. Assist the state games assignor and act as tournament assignor when games under their jurisdiction are played in his/her area. This includes games for SCNM, CFC Candlewood and other CFCs branches that play games in New Milford.
Club Duties:

  • Maintain a list of eligible referees within assignor's area.
  • Select and assign referees and assistant referees to matches under his/her jurisdiction.
  • Promptly notify all parties of any change or cancellation of game assignments.
  • Compile referee assignment list for payment purposes.
  • Provide feedback to the local referee administrator regarding referee reliability on assignments.
  • Request education assessments and evaluations of referees.
  • Work with SDA in assigning referees for upgrade assessments.
  • Assist state game assignor and tournament assignors with information on local referee ratings/qualifications.

Tournament Duties:

  • Compile a list of eligible referees to be used in tournament play.
  • Coordinate referee accommodation with tournament authorities and participating tournament referees who live outside of the geographic area of the tournament.
  • Research referee qualifications of those referees not known by the assignor.
  • Inform all referees of the rules of competition.
  • Coordinate instructional training for referees if required by the tournament.
  • Ensure all reports of misconduct or referee assault are filed with the SRA or home state SRA when the referee is visiting from out of state. Reports on visiting foreign teams shall be filed with the National Referee Program office.

Boys Registrar (voting, paid)

  • Input all paper registrations
  • Run/attend in-person registration sessions each season
  • Create roster spreadsheets using required CJSA template
  • Upload spreadsheets to CJSA for rost
  • Create on-line registrations/revise registration forms/flyers for in-person registration
  • er approval
  • Submit tournament/Cup rosters
  • Collect outstanding registration fees
  • Collect birth certificates/pictures as needed
  • Submit birth certificates to CJSA NW district registrar
  • Create player/coach travel passes
  • Distribute approved rosters/passes to coaches
  • Attend try-outs
  • Attend coaches meetings
  • Check PO box

Girls Registrar (voting, paid)

  • Create on-line registrations/revise registration forms/flyers for in-person registration
  • Input all paper registrations
  • Run/attend in-person registration sessions each season
  • Create roster spreadsheets using required CJSA template
  • Upload spreadsheets to CJSA for roster approval
  • Submit tournament/Cup rosters
  • Collect outstanding registration fees
  • Collect birth certificates/pictures as needed
  • Submit birth certificates to CJSA NW district registrar
  • Create player/coach travel passes
  • Distribute approved rosters/passes to coaches
  • Attend try-outs
  • Attend coaches meetings
  • Check PO box

Boys Coordinator (voting)


  • Organize & Assist with tryouts and gather information to set up teams (only needed in Winter if teams are changing)
  • Gather coaches assessment of players at end of every season to combine with tryouts to establish teams

July/Beginning of March:

  • Set up Teams at all age brackets
  • Forwarding teams to registrar and level of play
  • Consulting with DOC on coaching of teams and forwarding appropriate input


  • Contact to districts i.e. NWD for commitments of teams and level of play
  • Attend district meeting bi annually when setting up teams and their level of play.
  • Help to coordinate practice times and training
  • Evaluate what is needed for equipement & Forward equipment needed for teams to equipment manager.
  • Assist registrar and uniform coordinator as needed with uniforms/player passes etc.


  • Assist coaches as needed with parent/coaches meeting
    ***Should run at U9level to set parents on track in case coach new to travel
  • Coordinate picture times/location in the Fall.

During Season:

  • Deal with on/off field issues in regards to players, coaching and parents.
  • Contact to other board members/DOC/ disciplinary board as needed.
    ***First line of contact for on the field issues
  • Contact to coaches as needed pre/post and during season.


  • Organize Winter training if needed, or coordinate with CSA
  • If establish feedback form, the coordinators should gather info and provide feedback to board for further decision on course of action.

Girls Coordinator (voting)

  • Setup SCNM girls teams at all age brackets
  • Assist with tryouts and gather information to set up teams
  • Contact NWD or another district for team commitments and level of play
  • Forward teams to registrar for level of play
  • Consult with DOC on coaching for teams and other appropriate team input
  • Deal with on/off field issues with regards to players, parents and coaches. First line of contact for field issues.
  • Recommend any necessary issue to disciplinary Board
  • First contact for coaches as needed during the season
  • Gather coaches assessment of players at the end of every season to evaluate with the tryout information to establish teams
  • Attend district meeting bi-annually when setting up teams and their level of play
  • Assist in coordinating practice times and training
  • Coordinate picture time & location in Fall season
  • Assist coaches as needed with parent/coaches meeting….Should run at U-9 level to set parents on tack in case of new coach to travel
  • Hold coaches meeting at beginning of every season with DOC, ref assignor and Board if applicable
  • Forward equipment needed for teams to equipment manager
  • Assist registrar and uniform coordinator as needed with uniforms/player passes
  • Winter training – Bob Olmsted currently doing and allowing CSA to provide
  • If establish Feedback Form then coordinator should gather information and provide the feedback to the Board for further decision on course of action

In-house registrar (voting)

  • Prepare paper Registration Form for Fall & Spring seasons
  • Post and retrieve registration signs around town
  • Paper registration form approval from Board
  • Take form for approval from Superintendent Form to printer
  • Sort into packs for each school and deliver to schools for disbursement
  • Deliver packets to pre-schools in town
  • Schedule in-person registration for each session
  • Input into computer system all paper registrations
  • Apply all checks and prepare bank deposits, make deposits, copies of all to Treasurer
  • Apply any credits as needed – using credit set-up by Treasurer in system
  • Review A/R for all non-paid balances and send emails and make phone calls to collect
  • Apply and collect late fees
  • Upload CJSA spreadsheet to State system
  • Review in-house coaches, volunteers and Board members that need verification of background check and advise Board accordingly
  • On-site for in-house Saturday mornings

In-house coordinator (voting)

  • Establish coordinators for all age groups: U-4, U-5, U-6 & U-8.
  • Setup team rosters, meeting parent / player requests when possible, develop game schedules, establish coaches and assistants for each team in every age level, setting up goals and break down of fields every Saturday morning
  • Order shirts for each season which includes working with the vendor on sizes, # of shirts and pricing. Must be done several weeks before start of season. Coordinate with treasurer for payment of shirts.
  • Organizing a season schedule (start and end dates) and updating hotline for weather updates. Responsible for cancelling a week due to inclement weather when deemed appropriate
  • Coordinating with field & travel coordinators to determine what fields and times are available for inhouse coaches to practice. Disseminate that information to in-house coaches
  • Keep a schedule of what team practices where & what time
  • Order trophies at end of season. Work with vendor on pricing, number and wording on trophy
  • Coordinate with equipment manager for new pug goals, sand bags, ice packs, cones, etc
  • Organize photo day for Fall season. Work with vendor on day, time, photo schedule, pricing and getting order forms to all in-house coaches
  • Work with DOC and head trainer to establish weekly training schedule
  • Answer all emails with questions, complaints, suggestions, compliments
  • Work with registrar on all parent questions / concerns
  • Collect overdue / unpaid registration fees from in-house players
  • Seek sponsors and collect checks from sponsors of inhouse program
  • Attend monthly SCNM Board meeting and provide update on the in-house program
  • Arrange for all in-house coaches and volunteers to undergo CJSA required background check (good for 3 years)
  • Update SCNM website info on in-house program with Website Master
  • Work with Bob Olmstead on community give back program. HS boys and girls volunteer their time
  • Saturday morning at in-house to assist and also offset their cost if any

Field Coordinator (voting)

  • Setup fields with volunteers for upcoming soccer season
  • Obtain the proper field permits
  • Develop field lining and maintenance schedule
  • Monitor field maintenance supplies. Relay information to Board so additional supplies can be purchased when required
  • Maintain fields for minor repairs (e.g. reseeding and filling in holes / divots)
  • Liaise with town and park n rec

Uniform Coordinator (non-voting)

  • Collect all travel uniform orders from registrars
  • Submit orders to Soccer and Rugby
  • Pick up orders
  • Separate and bag individual uniforms
  • Distribute uniforms
  • Track jersey numbers to avoid duplicates
  • Obtain quotes for new uniforms as needed

Website Design (non-voting)

  • Facilitate the use of the SCNM website by authorized users
  • Keep club information up-to-date on both website and Facebook page
  • Assist the registrars in creation and updating of SCNM registration forms / information on-line
  • Send out blast emails to members with important club information that is required to be disseminated

Generic Board seat (non-voting)

  • Provide a positive and fun soccer development program to all SCNM players and coaches
  • To communicate thru monthly newsletter Soccer education (e.g. nutrition, fitness, stretching, skill set, rules of game, local soccer events, coaching courses and Club fundraisers)
  • Assist in coaching clinics
  • Get back a positive atmosphere in the New Milford area towards soccer
  • Assist fellow Board members and the Club in any way possible