The mission of the SVFLC is to promote the sport of lacrosse for the youth in Skagit Valley in order to develop their playing skills, to teach and encourage good sportsmanship, and to foster healthy competition.

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Coaches are some of the most influential role models in kids' lives today.

According to research, a successful coach...

• is motivational and inspires athletes to improve and work hard,
• is knowledgeable about the skills and tactics of the sport,
• is relational and excellent at communicating with players and parents,
• possesses good character and is a positive role model.

SVFLC and the NSYLL are committed to providing every player the best experience playing lacrosse possible.  In order to further that goal, our coaches undergo training in accordance to the US Lacrosse Coaching Education Program.  Our head coaches are required:

  • to obtain USL Level 1 Certification.
    • US Lacrosse Membership
    • NCSI Background Check
    • CEP Level 1 Online Course
    • Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coach 1 -- Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons.
    • USL Instructional Clinic
    • How to Make Proper Contact Online Course
  • to have current CPR/First Aid Certification.
  • to maintain Lystedt compliance.

SVFLC encourages our coaching staff to continue their coaching education with additional seminars and USL Level 2 and Level 3 certifications.

  • to obtain USL Level 2 Certification

           Level 1 Certification plus

           Level 2 Online Course

           Level 2 Instructional Clinic

  • to obtain USL Level 3 Certification

           Level 2 Certification plus

           Continuing Education Credits (requires 6 credits of CEC)

           Level 3 Instructional Clinic

           PCA "Double Goal Coach 2: Culture, Practice, and Games"

           Concussion Course