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Canyon Creek Little League
Board Meeting Minutes                   February 20, 2012
Toltec Cabana
Present:   Paul Leffel, Josh Nevarez, John Morris, Michael Marver, Scott Love, Gary Wallace, David Lawrence, David Verespey, John Giffins, Scott Anderson, John Struempf, Michelle Stanchina, Juan Jones, Darlene Allen.
            The meeting was called to order by John Morris at 7:06 p.m.
            1.  Presidents Report –   John Morris reported updates on the following:
  • Next city field user meeting is 2-23. See John if you can fill in. 
  •  Opening day committee formed.
  •  Need board rep to step up.
  •  House rules and approved, safety plan submitted to HQ.  D57 is happy.
  •  SBC Classic is set with fees paid.
  • 50/70 plans in progress for 12-11 combo team and 10 team.
2.  Treasurer Report –  
  • Mike will prepare a pie chart of out budget to place on website.
  • Mike to confirm all refunds are up to date by next week.
3.  Safety Review – There are no safety items at this time.  Mike advised John via email    to ensure all first kits are kept stocked, usually run short on ice packs. Field box sups to be reminded.
            5.  General Discussion
  1. Directors-
  • Scott Anderson, reported all box supervisors are assigned and a list will be emailed to all managers. Scott will follow up on the batting cage project and advise at next meeting.
  • T-ball thru Majors Directors reported no issues thus far with rosters.
  • Bob Bouchet fixed all score boards.
  • A* review of placement at next meeting after a few games are played.
  1. Player Agent- One injury tracked in majors by Mike K., Mark G. & Diana W.
  1. Registration –Banners removed by Tessie. Bring to next meeting, Scott will store in shed. A few lower level registrations coming in.
  1. Home Run Fence Twin Creeks – John Giffins and Scott Anderson have tested the set up of the fence, the city will mark the lines at 200 feet.
            Next Board Meeting – March 12, 2012.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted: John Morris – CCLL President 2010/2011.