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Jr. Tee Ball


What is the game and practice schedule at this level?
Teams begin practices in March and games on Opening Weekend in early April. The season ends in mid- to late June. Teams have practice once per week, typically on a weeknight or Sunday afternoon; there may be two practices per week during the preseason if fields are available. All games are played on Saturday mornings or afternoons; game schedules will be made available in late March or early April.  Games typically last no longer than 45 minutes. 


When will I hear from a coach?
Teams are formed in March to enable preseason practices. Registrations and coach availability permitting, we aim to place players on smaller teams (usually no more than 8-10 players).


What does a typical game look like?
The goal of Jr. Tee Ball is to help young players fall in love with baseball by simplifying the game. Players hit a soft, safety ball off of a batting tee and run one base at a time. Every player bats and plays the field in each inning, and all players are safe on the bases.


What does my player need?
The league provides a team t-shirt and a hat for each player, as well a tee, helmets, and bats at each game. Players at this level need their own glove, and will need to bring their own water, juice, etc. to each game. Cleats and baseball pants are not required.


What else is required?
Your participation as a parent. Even if you don’t step up as a head coach, parents must be present at these games. Helping players learn how and where to throw the ball, and which direction to run is a full team effort. More importantly, it really is fun!

If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact or the Jr. Tee Ball Commissioner!