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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Arlington Little League?
We are a community youth recreational sports organization serving Arlington County. We provide Arlington’s youth with the opportunity to learn and play baseball in a safe and supporting environment. Because we are a recreational league, our programs must be able to encompass youth players of all ability and skill levels. A recreational league is an all-comers league. We make every effort to structure our league and teams so that the completion is fair and balanced. Our goal is to provide the best baseball experience possible for all of the youth in Arlington, VA.
What is the cutoff date for eligibility in Arlington Little League?
If your child is 12 years old on April 30, he or she is eligible to play in Little League for that year. For example, a player who turns 13 on April 20 may not play that season in Little League but a player who turns 13 on May 2 may.
How does the April 30 cutoff affect the other levels of play in Arlington Little League?
For purposes of evaluating and assigning players, the April 30 cutoff date determines the age group and level(s) of play which the player is eligible for. For example, a player who turns 9 on April 15th is considered 9 years old for the season and would generally play at the AAA level. A player, who turns 9 on May 15, would be considered an 8 year old and would generally play at the Minors level. However, one of the primary purposes of evaluating players at the competitive levels (AAA and up) is to assign them to the appropriate level of play based on their ability and skills.
What’s the difference between the two top levels of play, Majors and AAA?
There are three basic differences between Majors and AAA. In AAA, everyone on the team bats in sequence regardless of the number of batters. In AAA, there is a six run maximum on the number of runs that can be scored in one inning. If six runs are scored then the side is considered to be retired and the offense and defense rotate. No 12 year-old players may pitch in AAA. The higher skilled players play at Majors. AAA is a developmental level. However, in some circumstances, there may be younger players in Majors and older players in AAA.
Does Arlington Little League play 50/70 baseball?
Since 2013, Arlington Little League has offered a transitional 50/70 program. 50/70 baseball provides players the opportunity to play on a diamond where the pitching mound is 50 feet from home plate and the bases are 70 feet apart. The regulation field for Little League play is 46/60. 50/70 baseball permits players to take leads and run on the pitch. Pitchers must pitch from the stretch with runners on first and second base, and the balk rule is in effect.
What travel baseball opportunities does Arlington Little League offer?
Under Little League regulations, Arlington Little League teams may only play in Little League activities.  They are generally not permitted to play against teams in other programs or in non-Little League tournaments. However, players may play in other programs provided it does not disrupt the Little League season. Learn more about opportunities to play travel baseball in Arlington.
Once my child turns 13, what’s the recreational baseball league in Arlington?
Arlington Little League accepts players through age 12. For players 13-15, there is a Senior Babe Ruth program in Arlington. In the Fall after the players’ last season of Little League, all players aged 13-15 play in Senior babe Ruth league on a 90-foot baseball diamond. The following spring, the 13 year-olds are placed in a league of their own and the 14-15 year-olds form a separate league.
I’ve seen teens umpiring Arlington Little League games. How old do you have to be to umpire?
The Little League Teen Umpire Program accepts boys and girls 13 and older. Contact for more information.
What is the Little League District tournament?
The Arlington Little League All-Stars play in the Virginia District 4 tournament at the end of the season. This tournament is the first step along the Road to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Arlington enters two teams at the Majors level. The other Little Leagues in District 4, and the number of teams they enter in the tournament, are:
Falls Church – 2
Great Falls – 1
Mason District (Annandale) – 1
McLean – 2
Reston – 2
Vienna – 2
For the different levels of play, what type baseball does Arlington Little League use?
At the Junior T-Ball, T-Ball, and Rookie levels we use the Incrediball. The ball is the same size and shape as a standard baseball, but is soft to squeeze. At the Minors level the RIF 4 ball is used. RIF is Reduced Injury Factor. The RIF is harder than the Incrediball, but not as hard as the baseballs used at the AAA and Majors levels. AAA and Majors use the standard baseball that meets National standards for Little League play.
Why does Arlington Little League have a draft?
Arlington Little League is affiliated with Little League International which requires a draft system to assign players to teams. The draft applies to players AAA level and up. The purpose of the draft is to equitably distribute players throughout the league. This is an important factor in creating balanced and fair competition. At Arlington Little League, we are aware that drafts may be manipulated. Our policy is that the Arlington Little League draft reflects the integrity of our league and that we will take all reasonable efforts to ensure the quality of our draft. Our players deserve nothing less.
Can I request that my son be placed on the same team with his friends?
In our junior leagues, from Junior T-ball through AA, we assign players by school and neighborhood. We will honor requests to be assigned to teams with friends and neighbors unless we face extenuating circumstances. In the senior leagues, AAA and above, we are required to assign players through a draft system. For players in the AAA division, we will make reasonable efforts to honor such request, however, we must balance requests with ensuring fair distribution of players throughout the league. If you want to make a request, please note the request at the time of registration and contact our player agent.
I understand that in your AAA, Majors, and 50/70 divisions your team assignment process distributes the players across the league, but doesn’t that just water down the competition?
The distribution of players through the league helps us to minimize one-sided games. Although concentrating teams may seem to create better baseball, Little League’s team assignment requirements places emphasis on balance. Our experience as players, coaches, and parents, is that this leads to exciting baseball. Teams composed of players that hold a range of ability and skill levels force the coaches and teams to work together to play the game well. That effort, under the stewardship of a capable coach, is success in youth sports.