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New Canaan Winter Club

2020-2021 Skating Awards


NCWC Testing Awards:

The George V. Mohn Memorial Trophy

Presented to the skater who has accumulated the highest number of points based upon the point scale of USFS Tests.  This can only be awarded once.  A certificate is given if the same skater wins it again.           

2020-21 - Maddie Fredericks

2019-20 - Maddie Fredericks

2018-19 - Maddie Fredericks

2017-18 - Megan DeMott

2016-17 Megan DeMott

Carlson High Achievement Award

Given in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Bret Carlson.  It is given to the skater who in one year has achieved the highest number of points above the pre- preliminary level based upon the point scale of USFS Tests.

2020-21 - Maddie Fredericks

2019-20 - Maddie Fredericks

2018-19 - Maddie Fredericks

2017-18 - Megan DeMott

2016-17 - Megan DeMott


NCWC Award

Presented to the skater who has given a definite contribution to the NCWC.  Not given every year.

2019-20 - Kate Barnard

2018-19 - Caroline Ethridge

2016-17 - Amelia Lancaster    

2016-17 - Georgia Saxe                  


NCWC Badges Award

Presented to the skater(s) who have the highest number of points based on badges passed.

2020-21 - Emily "Bertie" Brandt

2019-20 - None                

2018-19 - Berkeley Holland, Isabelle Gaumer

2017-18 - Caylee Colaneri (passed B4, B5 and B6)

2016-17  - None                


NCWC Merit Awards:

Emilia Murdock Award - introduced 2018-19

Presented to the skater with Good Spirit & Sportsmanship

2020-21 - Laura Haley

2019-20 - Liza Merrill

2018-19 - Macy Millones


Miller Award

Given by Mrs. Stanley Miller to the skater who has maintained a fine attitude and good sportsmanship throughout the season.

2017-18 - Sloane Griffiths  

2016-17 - Laura Haley             

2015-16 - Ellie Parkhill


June Pratt Clark Award

Presented to the skater who has shown dedication and perseverance throughout the year.

2020-21 - Caylee Colaneri

2019-20 - Bridget Flatow

2018-19 - Maddie Fredericks

2017-18-  Maddie Fredericks

2016-17 - Ellie Parkhill            


MacMurphy Award

Given to the skater who has improved the most during the season.  Honorable Mention Certificates given to one skater from each group.

2020-21 - Amanda Vigano

2018-19 - None

2017-18 - None     

2016-17 - None           

2015-16 - Maddie Fredericks

2014-15 - Parker Hanson


Keever Award

Presented in honor of Mr. and Mrs. H. Weller Keever to those skaters who have completed all eight USFS basic skill badges.             

2020-21 - Emily "Bertie" Brand, Lyla Cody, Tenley Jones, Taylor Kern, Stella Vartanian

2019-20 -  Emily Fonner, Hadley Clough, Emma Barnard, Katya Bank

2018-19 -  Jenna Vigano

2017-18 - Caylee Colaneri, Harper Teles, Lauren Lee, Charlotte Arrix, Caleigh Clough, Frances Chandor, Lucy Millones              

2016-17 - Zoe Walker, Bridget Flatow, Jenna Vigano, Georgia Saxe, Reece Quinn,  Caroline Ethridge, Amanda Vigano, Reagan Quinn,

Hilary Miller, Macy Millones,  Jane Walsh and Keeley Strine                            


NCWC Coaches’ Award

Given to the skater with the most USFS points and who skates with the NCWC as their home club.

2019-20 - Laura Haley

2018-19 - None

2017-18 - Megan DeMott

2016-17 - Megan DeMott


Freestyle Award

Presented to those skaters who have passed all 6 freeskate badges.

Advanced Freestyle Award

Presented to those skaters who have passed the new Freeskate 7 and 8 badges.

Axel Club

Open to any skater who cleanly executes a minimum of three axel jumps with good height, form, style, and a strong, secure landing.  Membership must be renewed each year

Class Awards for 2020-2021:

Given to one or more skaters from each class to recognize attendance, hard work and improvement.

Syncro:  Caylee Colaneri, Anna Hering, Taylor Kern, Tenley Jones, Paige Morgan, Stella Vartanian

Hockey Skating Skills (2014-2015): Luke Pozatek, James Dunning

Hockey Skating Skills (2012-2013): Ainsley Taliercio, Alexandra Shackleton


3 year olds Class Award:  Olivia Bryce

Honorable Mention:  Jake Azzopardi, Arden Bevan


Learn to Skate 1:  Elizabeth Dunkin

Honorable Mention:  Clara Collingham


Learn to Skate 2:  Olivia Gagliardi, Charlie Fetchett

Honorable Mention:  Frances Bretschger, Brendan Hickey


Learn to Skate 3:  Georgia Azzorpardi, Mary Craft

Hororable Mention:   Madison Moroney, Molly Ryan


Intermediate:   Louise Bretschger, Elena Dillon

Honorable Mention:  Ellie Skidmore, Charlotte Skidmore


Preliminary:  Molly Stimpson, Eva Magliacano

Honorable Mention:  Eva Hassan, Kimber Sparks


Junior:   Taylor Kern      

Honorable Mention:  Lyla Cody


Senior:   Katya Bank

Honorable Mention:  Emma Barnard, Hadley Clough


Masters/ Advanced Figure Skating:  Bridget Flatow

Honorable Mention:   Anna Hering