The Fastest Game on Two Feet

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Lacrosse Skills

Catching: The act of receiving a passed ball with the crosse.

Checking: The act of attempting to dislodge the ball from an opponent’s stick.

Cradling: The coordinated motion of the arms and wrists that keeps the ball secure in the pocket and ready to be passed or shot when running.

Cutting: A movement by an offensive player without the ball, toward the opponent’s goal, in anticipation of a feed and shot.

Feeding: Passing the ball to a teammate who is in position for a shot on goal.

Passing: The act of throwing the ball to a teammate with the crosse.

Poke Check: A stick check in which the player pokes the head of his stick at an opponent’s stick through the top hand by pushing with the bottom hand.

Screening: An offensive tactic in which a player near the crease positions himself so as to block the goalkeeper’s view of the ball.

Scooping: The act of picking up a loose ball with the crosse.

Shooting: The act of throwing the ball with the crosse toward the goal in an attempt to score.

Slap Check: A stick check in which a player slaps the head of his stick against his opponent’s stick.

Wrap Check: A one-handed check in which the defender swings his stick around his opponent’s body to dislodge the ball. (This check is only legal at the highest level of play.)