US Lacrosse Equipment List for Girls Lacrosse

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1) Regulation lacrosse stick (note that women's lacrosse sticks are different from men's lacrosse sticks)
2) Regulation eyewear (lacrosse goggles)
3) Mouth guard

1) Gloves (note that lacrosse gloves for women's lacrosse are different from men's lacrosse gloves)
2) Cleats

Goalie equipment includes the following:  goalie stick and helmet.  Unlike other positions, the goalie may wear soccer or hockey shin guards.  If your child would like to play goalie and you have specific questions about the equipment needed, please contact your child’s coach.

For the safety of all involved, only players with mouth guard and goggles will be permitted to play.  Please be sure that your child has these items for all practices, scrimmages and games, or she will not be permitted to play.