West Cobb Girls Softball offers both Spring and Fall recreational softball programs for youth girls in the northwest Atlanta Georgia metro counties of Cobb, Paulding and Cherokee.

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2012 Fall WCGS Tournament          

No schedule change requests will be considered.
No roster additions/fill-in players are allowed.
Fall WCGS rules are in effect unless noted below.
The team listed on the top of the bracket will occupy the 1st base dugout. A coin flip will determine Home & Visitor. In Championship games, the team in the winners bracket will be the Home team. In IF games, Home & Visitor will be determined by a coin toss.
Our Spring tie-breaker rule is in effect:
The batters making the last two outs of the previous inning will be put on 2nd base and 3rd base respectively. Each inning will start with one (1) out. The game will be extended a maximum of two (2) innings. If the score is still tied after two additional innings the game will be decided by a coin toss.
Scoreboards are not available, it’s recommended that each team keep their own scorebook.
Game time limits, 8U and slow-pitch is 60 minutes, all fast-pitch is 70 minutes.
Game start times will be announced by the umpires.
There are no open innings in fast-pitch play.
If time has expired and the home team is mathematically eliminated, the inning will not be finished, the game will end.
The player participation rule is in effect.
Only two coaches will be allowed outside of the dugout on defense.
In Coach-Pitch age groups, when the ball is hit the Coach-Pitcher MUST exit the field opposite the direction of play. If possible, the Coach-Pitcher should remove the bat from the field of play.
No composite (full or partial) or multi-walled bats are allowed in 8U or 10U age groups.