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Nashua PAL Force is a volunteer run organization and we cannot succeed without our parents and all the time they give us.


The Nashua PAL Force volunteers are the best in the state with over 60 dedicated and knowledgable coaches, 20 year-round board members, 12 team parents and hundreds of parents manning concession stands, down markers, car washes and car pools. Our volunteers dedicate over 20,000 hours annually to our football and spirit programs and are the backbone of this organization. 
The Vital Importance of VOLUNTEERING

Much like many not-for-profit sports leagues, NPF has no employees and is 100% volunteer driven.  The amount of hours that our parents and community dedicate to NPF is staggering.  Let's put some math to it to see just how we should value our volunteers.

  • Volunteer Donated Hours                22,500
  • Volunteer Hourly Rate                   $10.00 per hour  - for example purposes only
  • Value of Volunteer Donated Time  $225,000

The NPF Volunteer Community donates approximately $225,000 of people-power.  That is not only amazing it is a real tribute to our community and our children.



What does volunteer time consist of?

 Football Parents:


In Season: You will be volunteering mostly at home games. Jobs include chains, MPR's, scoreboard, announcing, newspaper reporter, candid photographer, game day write-up, snack, and water and/or other NPF sponsored events. 
Post Season: Any playoff games (Flag and 3rd Grade Super Bowl), any State or Regional games hosted by us at Stellos Stadium.



 Cheer Parents:
In Season: You will be able to volunteer at the Concession stand 
at Artillery field during cheer practice, at Stellos Stadium during home games (merchandise table, 50/50, water, snacks photos., etc), and/or other NPF sponsored events.
Post S
eason: Any playoff games (Flag and 8U Grade Super Bowl, any State or Regional games hosted by us at Stellos Stadium and Cheer Competitions (States every year and Regionals when NH hosts).

*A note about Concessions: Artillery Field, this is where cheer practices. Please come dressed appropriately, it can get hot in the concession stand, dress clothes and or heels are just going to make you uncomfortable. When possible, try not to bring small children, its a small space, we have very hot equipment and the city does not allow children in the stand. If you have no other option, just be aware that they can certainly stay right outside the door and/or we can work something out.

What is my volunteer requirement?
Each family is required to fulfill a minimum of two volunteer spots during the season and one volunteer spot post season per child.*
Tagging and car washes are part of fundraising not volunteering.
There is no buy out option for volunteering. 
*Additional volunteer spots may be required depending on the team size and placement.
**Coaches, assistant coaches, board members, and team parents are exempt from filling volunteer spots regardless of how many children they have in the program.

How do I sign up?

Keeping track of volunteer hours for almost 275 football players and cheerleaders is a challenge. Team Parents are the people you sign up with for your volunteer time. Team Parents will be using either an in-person sign up format or an electronic sign up web site or a combination of both. Team Parents are at MOST practices and are in constant contact with their team. Please make an attempt to contact your team parent for your volunteer time so they won't have to hunt you down :)


What happens if I cannot sign up for my volunteer time?

If you are having any difficulty for what ever reason, contact your team parent. Situations are handled as needed, and all information is kept private.

What if I don't have access to a computer to sign up through Sign-up Genius?
If you do not have access to a computer, please seek out your team parent at practices and they will give sign up in person on their sign up sheet and update it to the Sign-up Genius.

What happens if a game or practice is canceled that I had signed up for?

If you have signed up either in person or online, and a game or practice is canceled, you will be credited for that time without having to "make it up."

I have multiple children in the program, can I fulfill all of my volunteer time on one team?

Unfortunately not, if you have multiple kids in Force, you can not do all your time on one team. This does not fill necessary spots where you are needed on other teams.  Volunteer slots are carefully chosen to ensure that the organization is run as smoothly as possible. 

What if I don't fill any of my volunteer requirements?
Remember that post-dated commitment check you wrote at registration?  If you do not complete any of your volunteer requirements and/or have not made an attempt to do so, the check will be cashed.

Is there a minimum number of sign up slots per team?
Yes there is, there is a minimum of two spots during the season and one post season. However! That number varies depending on the size and need of the team.