North Valley Hockey and Sports Complex (NVHSC) is an inline roller hockey league located in Hamilton City, California. Established in 2003, our non-profit, all volunteer organization is dedicated to teaching the sport of inline hockey to boys and girls ag

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AAU Hockey Registration


AAU Hockey Registration


Youth Players

All AAU Youth Athlete Memberships are obtained administratively by NVHSC staff. The $14 AAU Fee is included on Youth Rec League invoices.

Referees, Coaches, Board Members & Administrative Staff

  1. AAU Non-Athlete Membership is restricted to Adults (18 & Older). Youth Coaches, Referees & Scorekeepers (Under 18) and those 18 year olds playing Youth Rec or Travel are covered by their Youth Athlete Membership, obtained administratively by authorized NVHSC staff.
  2. Non-Athlete Application can be accessed by connecting to the AAU website at
  3. New this year you must create your own account by clicking on "Create Your Account".
  4. Select "Add a Non-Athlete".
  5. Fill out your personal information.
  6. Make sure that you enter a CORRECT EMAIL address. Membership confirmations will be sent to this e-mail address.
  7. Select “Youth Program” under Program.
  8. Select "Inline Hockey" under Sport.
  9. Select “Membership expires August 31, 2016, Regular Membership” under Membership Term/Category.
  10. If you will be a Travel Coach or Team Manager, select the Membership Category with Added/Extended Benefits.
  11. Select Club "WWAY89" under Club Code or use the drop-down menu to select "NORTH VALLEY HOCKEY & SPORTS COMPLEX"
  12. Fill out your background check information.
  13. Click “Save and Continue”.
  14. Select “Click Here to Checkout”.
  15. Fill out billing information for credit card payment and click “Continue”.
  16. Once you process your credit card an automatic verification will be emailed to you.
  17. After you have finished this process, DO NOT HIT THE BACK KEY.
  18. Print receipt which includes your transaction number and your AAU Membership card at the bottom of page. Your AAU Membership No. will be shown as "PENDING".
  19. You will receive a second e-mail confirmation of membership, with your AAU Membership No. when tour background check is complete. Print and save.
  20. NOTE: When you enter the NVHSC Club Code, you will be included on AAU's Membership Listing for NVHSC and there is no need to send your membership confirmation to NVHSC staff. If you are not on the membership Listing, you will be advised to obtain the required membership or to edit your incomplete membership to include the Club Code, using the same User Name and Password as when you initially registered.